Debbie Roberts Consulting
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Are you juggling so many roles within your business (& life) that you feel like you have no direction or support?
I am a small business consultant who is married to a Tradie, & I have experience working with small family businesses, so I understand the challenges you face in your business.
I will help you with:
• improving your business processes and systems
• creating practical strategies and user-friendly business plans
• marketing
• developing policies and procedures
• creating business documents
• strategy and planning
• human resource management
• unpacking the opportunities in your business by working with you to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
• facilitating valuable connections and relevant collaborations
• tender writing
• make your life EASIER!
My job is to make yours pain free, & if you need it, I can also be your accountability coach.
I'll work with you to ensure the process is seamless and successful.. because your success is my success.
Feel free to contact me to discuss your business needs.
0477 999 796

[email protected]

Website : https://www.debbieroberts.com.au/

Social media : https://www.facebook.com/Debbie-Roberts-Consulting-102702385190776

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Employii is a Perth-based HR consultancy servicing clients Australia-wide. We stand for work rights, mental health, and economic independence and have a genuine care for the companies and people we work with. We pride ourselves on being authentic, accountable, and having a growth mindset which enables us to achieve great results for our clients, their teams, and the community.

Employii is based on people and relationships; to us, that’s what makes a good business. With an HR Expert on your side, you’ll:
- be confident you're meeting HR best practice, doing right by your team
- ensure your contracts, pay and rostering are correct and efficient - Flat rates? All-inclusive salaries? Let us do the math and ensure they're up
to scratch.
- have customised policies in place to support your business and team
- manage conflict quickly and appropriately, seeking win-win outcomes for all parties
- reduce potential unfair dismissal, discrimination, underpayments and other claims
- build an effective and engaging organisational culture aligned with your broader business strategy
- learn via HR 101 training and workshops for business owners and managers
- save time on recruitment processes, HR compliance, and HR admin tasks
- automate and streamline your people-based systems, saving even more time
- support your team with their career progression, while supporting internal succession pathways and reducing vacancy strains
- have strategic HR advice in your back pocket, ready to grow with your business when you are

We offer a variety of different packages, suitable for businesses of any size with any number of employees. Whether it’s a one-off employment query or a long-term HR solution that you’re looking for, we have various packages to meet your needs; balancing budget, priorities, and people.

By engaging Employii you get access to the talents and skills of each of our team members. What does this mean? It means you get an HR Director, Employment Relations Consultant, L&D Manager, People & Culture Partner, Recruitment Officer, HR Administrator, HRIS Consultant... and more... all in one!

Our biggest industry sector is the building, construction, and trades industries. We support local, FIFO, and DIDO companies who work both B2B and B2C.

E: [email protected]

W: www.employii.com.au

I: https://www.instagram.com/employii.au/?hl=en

F: https://www.facebook.com/Employii.au/

L: https://www.linkedin.com/company/employii-au/?originalSubdomain=au

T: https://www.tiktok.com/@ellab.hr?lang=en



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Every trade business is quite different.  Some, the owner can work closely with the team on the job, some are remote, and then there are those that are growing and putting admin and project teams together.

The smaller the operation, the more important it is to be hiring the right people.  In most cases, your first hire will double your team.  Your 11th hire will add 10% to the team size.

Every hiring decision can be the best or worst decision of your business career.  Get it right, and life gets easier, earnings increase, things just feel great!  Get it wrong, and sleeping becomes tough and you may start on the path to working for cashflow just to get wages paid.

Our director is a tradie.  Starting in the trade when he was 15, he has built trade businesses and has a 30 year track record of building service and construction teams in plumbing, electrical and mechanical services.  He has worked for construction builders, built service teams looking after the refrigeration for Coles and Woolworths across Australia.  He has made bad hiring decisions that has led to 10 years of his career picking up the pieces and rebuilding his financial stability.

In 2005, he gave up on trade businesses.  Scaling up to 150 people, hiring, HR and people in general were just too much to hold together.  It is tough starting as a tradie and then trying to adapt to being a corporate manager.  When he sold the business, relaxing and having some time to explore different things, he came across a Swedish system for implementing HR.  It was simple, started with very easy to use processes for hiring team members and he knew right away that it was these simple, easy to use processes that were missing from the foundations of his previous businesses.

He took up the opportunity to roll out this Swedish system into Australia, then Japan and China.  Now he has gone back to being a tradie, running his mech business, and really enjoying having a fun, safe and productive business where the WHOLE team is on board, and equally enjoying the journey.

That Swedish system is what Performia rolls out to its clients.  Our clients are 99% owner operators who really understand productivity, cashflow and real, no bullshit people.

Find out more and how we can join you to make your business more fun, safe and productive.

Website link: www.performia.com.au 

Phone: 1800 603 023

Email: [email protected] 




Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PerformiaSuccess/featured 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/performiaaustralia 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/performia_australia

Tamara Rowan – Human Resources Management Consultant
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Let me be your “One-Stop HR/Recruitment Shop!” With 20+ years' experience managing businesses and people I'm here to help & support YOU!
- Providing support & advice on HR ‘best practice’
- Employment Contracts/Agreements
- Induction/Welcome packs
- Policies & Procedures
- Award Interpretation
- End-to-end Recruitment
- Business streamlining
- Strategic planning & development
My goal is to make life easier for you, in the simplest and most cost-effective way; please reach out if there is anything I can assist you with and remember there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’!!
Look forward to hearing from you!

E: [email protected]

W: https://www.facebook.com/tamararowanhrconsultant

My HR Partner
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Employee focussed tradies hire us to handle all those tricky HR issues as they arise, so they can feel confident in the great team they’ve put around them and can get on with what they do best.

Whether you join our membership site, or you just need HR Policies, employment contracts, HR Advice and Support - we deliver competitively priced, reliable & practical HR solutions for tradies across Australia.

By tapping into our comprehensive industry experience, My HR Partner actively supports you with expert HR advice & assistance, whenever you need it.

You speak directly with one of our HR experts, not a call centre or generic phone advisory service.

We provide tailored, personalised service & advice. We’re proactive in offering a range of potential options and solutions, so you never have to worry about an HR problem while you’re working with us.

Tradies don’t have the time to manage HR themselves. Our role is to help you eliminate the worry of dealing with HR issues, wasting hours of valuable time waiting on the phone for Fair Work or trying to determine whether you’re doing the right thing by your employees.

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