About Us


TradieWives started as a Facebook group designed for Aussie Wives/Partners of Tradies that assist in the running of the business. It is a place to be able to ask questions, start discussions and bounce ideas off each other about assisting their partners in running a business specific to the Trade industry.


My husband owns Evolution Construction and Landscapes on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has recently branched out into Roof Restoration (Evolution Roof Restore). As business started to pick up, I left my full time job to help run the business and try and build it up to its full potential. My husband went from a sole trader to a company and we started to build a great team so we were able to have a couple of jobs on the go at the one time. I started him on social media, updated the website, did a crash course in Xero, spent endless hours researching the best apps/software to assist people in a trade business, and put a few procedures in place to help the business run as seamlessly as possible.


I would often feel quite isolated and as I had no previous experience in running a small business I found it challenging to know where to look for assistance and support in the running and growth of it. I thought it would be beneficial to start a group for other women in the same position and as the group rapidly grew and progressed, I identified a need for a platform where TradieWives could go to to seek assistance in the running of the business, specifically a trade business. There are so many requests from our members seeking business coaches, web designers, workwear suppliers, social media experts, business management software, debt collectors and a number of other products and services specific to the trade industry.


This led to the creation of the TradieWives Business Directory where businesses can list their products and services and our members can be directed to a platform to find exactly what they are looking for.