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If you are the Wife/Partner of a Tradie and are looking for advice, support and lot of great tips and tricks to help grow your business – please join us! Here is a bit of feedback from some of our members:

“TradieWives is one of the best groups I am in (if not the best). Everyone in the group are so helpful, encouraging & supportive. I come here when I need a pick me up & I have a laugh with the other ladies. I come here when I’m feeling alone & unsupported. The other ladies remind me that I’m not alone & they are here to support me. I come here after pulling my hair out trying to find the answer for this or that. The other ladies have the answers I was searching for. It’s my go to group & I would highly recommend this group to any & all tradie wives out there.”  Bec Baker

“Awesome support and ladies share all sorts of struggles with each other. Businesses from 30 plus yrs to started yesterday.”  Janelle Miller

“Great Page,Great Group!”  Misch Cummings

“Awesome group. Great support”  Rachel Ratclif

“Great public forum for insight into different business and their challenges.”  Natasha Davey