Set Goals to Get Your 2024 Started Right

Set Goals to Get Your 2024 Started Right

Are you ready to make your new years business resolution a reality? We always have the best intentions going into a new year, but making it happen is a bit more work!


The key to meeting your new goals is making goals that measure your progress. This is where SMART goals come in.


SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. They are designed to help you focus your goals on things that are both attainable and clear.

For example, setting Specific goals are about focusing your efforts – things like “I will increase revenue by 12%” are too broad (how will you achieve it?), so instead, try “I will sell three Summer packages”, for example.


These will help you focus your work, and will mean that when 2025 rolls around, you won’t be left staring at your unchecked to-do list.


Try setting some SMART 2024 goals – you can read more about how to do this, and set your industry-specific KPIs (that’s key performance indicators) over on the Thryv blog.


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