GUEST BLOG: Be the Leader of the (Local) Pack

GUEST BLOG: Be the Leader of the (Local) Pack

We have a plumbing and electrical client who receives over 300 leads per month from their Google My Business listing.

That is 300 actual phone calls, not clicks.

That’s right, 10 calls every day of every month. For free.

Here’s how it works.

Someone searches for your service on Google. Let’s use a plumber servicing Wollongong as an example.

At the top of the page they will see 4 ads.

You need to “pay to play” in this space. 

Anyone can appear at the top of the page if they are prepared to pay Google enough.

The problem for home owners is that less reputable businesses can appear at the top of the page just by paying Google. There are plenty of horror stories of people being ripped off by unethical trades. Very often, these horror stories begin with a click on a Google ad.

So home owners are becoming more savvy and scrolling past the ads.

Immediately below the ads is the Local Pack. 

You cannot pay Google to appear in the Local Pack. You need to earn it.

Being the leader of the Local Pack is very profitable.

In this example, Curran Plumbing will receive calls from prospects directly from the Google search results. These prospects do not even visit the Curran website. They call directly from the Local Pack.

Other prospects will click the “website” link and visit the Curran site. Then they will call from the website.

The best part?

All of these leads are free. Curran Plumbing does not pay Google a single cent for these leads.

When your marketing generates more free leads for your business, your marketing cost per job decreases. That means it costs less to acquire a new customer. When your cost per job falls, your profit rises.

Want to learn how to measure your ranking and improve your ranking?

Read the full article here.

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