20 Social Media Content Ideas for Tradies

20 Social Media Content Ideas for Tradies

Social media is a beast that needs to be constantly fed. One of the challenges in posting regularly is getting stuck for ideas and feeling stale. With platforms constantly evolving and audiences always craving something new, it’s crucial to keep your content fresh, engaging and relevant.

Whether you’re a seasoned social media user or more of a newbie, Mrs Bloggs is here with stacks of ideas to get you inspired and moving.

Ideas range from showcasing your latest projects to sharing industry insights. These ideas are tailored to help tradies like you connect with your audience, build your brand, and grow your business online.

Grab your hard hat and let’s dive into the world of social media, where your next post could be the one that goes viral! (Hopefully in a good way, not a bad way!!).

1  Before-and-After Transformations

Share photos or videos showing the transformation of a construction project from start to finish. This works especially well for carpenters, renovators and builders.

Social media is a beast that needs to be constantly fed. One of the challenges in posting regularly is getting stuck for ideas and feeling stale. With platforms constantly evolving and audiences always craving sormations

Sare photos or videos showing the transformation of a construction project from start to finish. This works especially well for carpenters, renovators and builders.

2 Tips and Tricks

Post short videos or graphics with useful construction tips, like how to efficiently use certain tools or materials. No need to film the next oscar winner, just use your iPhone and you are good to go. I have found over time that it was worthwhile investing in a wireless microphone to improve sound quality. Not essential, but if you start doing a lot of filming on site it is worth considering.

3 Day in the Life

A series of posts showcasing a typical day for different tradies, highlighting the diversity of roles in the sector. I achieve this by shadowing my other half for a half a day a month. I take pics on my iPhone of him climbing ladders, meeting people, loading stuff on the Ute, having morning coffee, etc… Then upload it to an easy-to-use tool such as Canva or Animoto and create a slideshow. It gets great engagement on social media and helps customers see the person behind the business, which fosters trust and credibility. See an on Youtube example here.

4 Tool Reviews

Share your honest review or demonstrate new or essential tools in the trade. This demonstrates expertise and a great way to reinforce this is to show how a quality tool is better that domestic grade tool that is not suited for robust use e.g. break easily or provides a poor quality result e.g. Painters can show the result of using a poor quality paintbrush.

5 Safety First

Posts about safety practices on the construction site or your workplace, possibly with real-life examples or anecdotes. Be careful to only show positive posts. Post that are negative or having a laugh at someone else’s lack of care will not reflect well on your brand.

6 Time-Lapse Videos

Show the progress of a construction project through a time-lapse video. I have done this with a floor getting laid in the past and it was great!

7 Customer Testimonials

Share quotes or video testimonials from satisfied clients. Format these using a tool such as Canva.

8 ‘How It’s Made’ Series

Detailed posts or videos showing how something is put together or done the ‘correct’ way can be fun. Even a slow-motion video of a painter cutting-in can get great engagement. Keep the videos short and post them on reels on Facebook or Instagram and watch your reach go boom.

9 Throwback Posts

Share photos and stories of past successful or award-winning projects, focusing on challenges and how they were overcome, or by describing the customer brief and how you achieved this.

Another idea for a throwback is an image from the tradie early in their career. Perhaps something from the days as a young apprentice or perhaps a bad haircut from their youth. This level of personalisation, when used sparingly can get great traction.

10 DIY Mini-Projects

Simple DIY projects or fixes that people can do at home, encouraging engagement and sharing of results. For some trades the reverse can work well. That is, showing them why they SHOULD NOT do this themselves. A good one for sparkies and plumbers where the outcome of DIY can be disastrous.

11 Interactive Q&A Sessions

Host live Q&A sessions where followers can ask construction-related questions. Generally, you need a decent number of followers to get people in your live Q & A sessions. In the meantime, you can simply film a video answering a commonly asked question your potential clients might have.

12 Construction Humour

Light-hearted, relatable memes or jokes about the construction industry. However, please be very careful with humour. People nowadays are very sensitive, and the most innocent post can backfire. I generally prefer to steer away from humour after some misfires in the past.

13 Local Community Projects

Highlight any community groups, local sponsorship or local projects your business is involved with. Get a photo with kids on the local footy or netball team. Plenty of feel-good warm and fuzzies that translate into trustworthiness and likeability for your brand. Plus you get to enjoy giving back in your local community.

14 Environmental Awareness

Posts about sustainable practices in construction and how your business contributes. This can be as simple as separating your rubbish, so some is recycled, to repurposing or salvaging items instead of sending to infill. Anything ‘green’ gives your business credibility and kudos plus sets a good example.

15 Behind-the-Scenes

Share what happens behind the scenes in your business, such as planning sessions, team meetings, pizza Fridays or setting up a job site.

16 Employee Spotlights

Regular posts featuring different employees, their roles and experiences in the industry. This helps personalise your business and lets people see the faces behind the telephone or computer screen. People do business with other people after all, so helping them get to know you breaks down some of the barriers.

17 Industry News and Trends

Share insights about new trends, technologies or regulations in the construction sector. There is always something new just around the corner. Those that install new kitchens or renovate kitchens should be keeping an eye out for a landmark ruling regarding the future of stone benchtops in Australia due to the silicosis issue. Once this ruling comes out, you should be posting about this and helping your customers understand what alternatives are available to them.

18 User-Generated Content

Encourage followers and clients to post images of your work on their own socials and ask them to tag you. This is great validation for your business and is effectively ‘word-of-mouth’ online which is highly effective in generating new business.

19 Polls and Surveys

Engage your audience with polls or surveys about their concerns, preferences, ideas or challenges. This will help you gain insights into what content to post in the future.

20 Inspirational Quotes

Share motivational quotes related to hard work, perseverance, and teamwork, relevant to the construction industry. Use this idea sparingly. It has been a little overused in the past by some pages and there is a level of fatigue with quote posts. I would suggest making the quote relevant to the topic e.g. Instead of just saying Happy Mother’s Day or Happy Father’s Day, share an inspirational quote or image about your mum/dad. Sit back and watch the difference adding a personal touch makes.


Remember, consistency is key in social media. Regular posting and engaging with your audience can significantly increase your reach and impact.

In finance, they say ‘Cash is King’. In the online world, ‘Content is King’. Providing content is YOUR opportunity to shape how your customers learn and view your business. Keep working on your content and the business growth will come.

If you would like help boosting your online presence – whether it is your website or socials – send an email to Mrs Bloggs [email protected] and get practical advice that works.


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