TradieWives Decal


Hit the road with a chance to win with every trip! Flaunt your TradieWives Vehicle Decal, join the Spotto game, and you could win an exclusive tote bag. Whether spotting or being spotted, there’s fun in every journey. Be a part of our community and join the adventure today!

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Join the TradieWives Spotto Game: Win with Every Mile!

Become part of the exhilarating Spotto game just by adorning your vehicle with the TradieWives decal. Not only do you drive with pride, but you also get a chance to snag a chic TradieWives tote bag — whether you’re the one spotted or the eagle-eyed spotter.


Spotto & Win: The TradieWives Interactive Game

– Be Part of the Adventure: Transform every journey into a playful quest with our TradieWives Spotto game. Get spotted or be the first to spot a member and win exciting TradieWives merch!

– Win a TradieWives Tote: Keep your eyes peeled on the road, and your reward could be our stylish, eco-friendly tote bag — perfect for a trip to the market or carrying your daily essentials.

– Inclusive Fun on Wheels: No matter where you are in Australia, from bustling city streets to serene rural roads, joining the Spotto game is simple. Just display your decal and you’re in the game!


Spotto Game: How It Works

– Easy Participation: Just by owning and displaying the TradieWives decal, you’re automatically enrolled in the Spotto game.

– Rewards for Everyone: Whether you’re the spotter or the proud vehicle owner sporting the decal, there’s a chance to win with each sighting shared in the group.

– Never Miss Out: With a decal that’s built to last and be seen, your participation continues as long as your decal shines on your vehicle.