Why should a Trades Business Owner consider business coaching?

Why should a Trades Business Owner consider business coaching?

It really comes down to do you want Die, Survive or Thrive, if you are not serious about building a better business don’t get help and the business could Die overtime

If your goal is to Survive use one of your mates to help you with your business, this is probably one of the worst things you can do, things can get messy here and the journey can be vague and probably no or little accountability or get taught the wrong way and end up arguing with a mate.

If your goal is to Thrive, get a coach that has a combination of both building great businesses and has some sort of experience in the trades and building industry, one that has been established for a while, one that is going to be blunt with you. 

How does it work?

Once You have decided you are ready and committed to take the next stage they need to search for the right coach. This will be dependent on their budget and their goals; time is not really an issue because they’re going to need to change the way they use time for themselves and their business to grow. Once they are on board with the right coach it doesn’t matter whether it’s a group coaching programme or a one on one coaching programme the coach needs to provide them with some sort of agenda or framework so Tradie knows what’s going to happen and what’s coming up, generally to get any sort of decent improvement in the business you would expect to actually sign up with somebody for at least a 12 month term and you would see improvements in the first few weeks in the first couple of months easily, the first month two months would be the hardest because the Tradie would actually have to change the way they use their time adjust their budget and there’s going to be massive learning curve, it’s the Tradies that stick with it that get both the return on investment the return on time, where you can see an improvement both financially and in their lifestyle



  • One of the main problems with Trades Business Owners is they talk about what they want, Better Cashflow, A Great Team, A Well-Structured Business However what they Value “from my experience” is playing golf or being involved in some sort of sport, keeping their Vehicle/boat Spotless or their best friend, The Dog, wanting something and valuing something else are two different things   


What areas do Trades Business Owners typically need to work on to grow?

It’s normally not the business first, no matter what size operation it’s about them realising that they need to become a Better Business Leader First, to do that must have a crystal-clear Big Picture for their business, That is their Purpose, “why they are in business. Their Vision, where do they want to take the business in the end, Their Mission, this is all about the client, Supporting them as a Leader and their Big Picture is the Financial Model of the business and the Strategy to get the right clients and then of course the Delivery of their services, how can they deliver what they do to a high standard and do it efficiently ensuring they have the right Systems across the business from the front end to the back end, when you get the systems right (The systems and process get put in after the Big picture has been set up) once these are set up the  business can be less reliant on you month by month.


  • If you don’t look after your Trades Business now, you will probably need more help later on and it will cost more in time and dollar. Getting the right Coach for your Trades Business  can help you half your stress, double your income and place you on the path to business to run without you  

What changes have we seen with some of the Trades we have worked with on a personal level

They have less internal fights with themselves and they realise they don’t always have to be right

They stop blaming others and look at themselves

They become happier

They spend more time with their Family

They start to look after themselves more

They say No to more opportunities

The make better decisions

They value time more than money and they treat people around them better

The sorts of outcomes we have typically seen Trades achieve through coaching are .

They become more productive

They grow the business more easily

They get out of their own way

They move from being a worker mentality to an employer mindset

They respect time and money more

They understand leverage better

They have paid themselves what they are worth

They have built a high performing team when others couldn’t

They become a better person to deal with both at home and commercially


Miles Primrose


Trades Business Coach for over 20 years

Author of several books for Trades on Amazon and Male Advocate of Change



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