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Dunn Right Legal are here to help when it matters the most. We help with the legals so you can get what your entitled to and focus on getting back to business. Whether you’re after advice about a personal matter, need help with contract terms, can’t resolve a disagreement or are involved in Court proceedings, we’re here to help.

Our Principal has worked in construction law since 2012 and is the daughter of a builder, sibling to tradies and the partner of a sparkie. Our Principal has survived homelessness as a child, domestic violence, sexual abuse and few home renovations using an owner-builder permit. It’s this combination of life experience, legal expertise and industry understanding that sets us apart.

Having worked at the bigger firms, we know what it’s like to be treated as just another number and that’s why we take a holistic approach, explain all your options and focus on providing tailored solutions. We take the time to understand you, your business goals, values, and challenges. By doing so, we can develop strategies that align with your objectives and help you navigate the legal landscape effectively.

While we believe prevention is the best cure and we always encourage business owners to be proactive in protecting their livelihood. We understand that even with the best protections and intentions, disputes and conflicts can arise.

If you want expert guidance, assistance with evaluating all your options, to understand the legal jargon and gain clarity on the legal the process, schedule an initial consultation with our office today. Don’t let the worry of legal costs or the question of whether or not your claim is worth pursuing hold you back, call our office on 07 3155 6251 to book a complimentary clarity call to find out where you stand.

We’re based in Brisbane but serve clients throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia.

Let us be your trusted legal partner, supporting you in navigating the legal complexities of the construction industry while you focus on what you do best—building Australia’s future.

Our Services: Building & Construction Law; Business & Company Law; Criminal Law; Family Law; Wills & Estates


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