‘The butterfly effect states that one tiny random event can have huge unforseen circumstances.” For Gill Hicks, that was one day running late for work, which led her to jump on a later tube in London.

After moving to London to pursue a career, Gill was caught up in the daily grind, until one day she boarded a tube and unknowingly sat one person away from a 19-year-old suicide bomber.

Gill lost both of her legs in the explosion.

I was lucky enough to hear Gill’s story at a convention I attended recently where she was the keynote speaker. She shared with us the story of her experience, recovery and all the people who made an impact on her life during this time.

The theme of the speech was ‘The power of an Individual’ from the suicide bomber, to the man sitting next to her on that tube who shielded her from the explosion, to the paramedics, doctors, nurses and physios who assisted in her recovery and adjusting to her new life. 

Gill discussed the power of connection, the power of community and not feeling alone at a time of being so vulnerable.

As I listened to her speak, it really made me think about how her words translated into our TradieWives community, how it is such a great place to seek support and advice at times when you are feeling alone or vulnerable. How it is a place where you can share your highs and your lows, a place where you can connect.

It made me think about her theme ‘The power of an Individual’ how every single one of us can make a difference to someone’s life, that ‘somewhere, someone is feeling the effects of something you have said or done.’

When I was 21 I worked at an advertising agency. One day I over lunch I was telling one of the Creative Directors that I was off on a holiday to Europe and London, he looked at me and said ‘you are so young, what’s keeping you here? Why don’t you move there?’ The thought had never crossed my mind, but he was right – I was as free as a bird!

The next day I changed my plans and shortly after moved countries. I lived in London for 3 years. I never saw him again and I doubt he would even remember me now, but that one passing comment he made to me over lunch one Tuesday afternoon changed the course of my entire life.

Don’t underestimate the power you have to change sometimes life. Always surround yourself with a positive community and share your story if you feel it may help others.

To quote Gill ‘I’ve always been very aware of the power of sharing, and what happens when we share is that we give the gift of experience and knowledge and wisdom and insight to another, and that other can go forth and perhaps they wont have to tread the same rocky path  – and take the learning from someone who has.’

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