Guest Blog – The Healthy Tradie Wife

Guest Blog – The Healthy Tradie Wife


Most of my clients have two or more children (not including their husbands).  Their lives are busy, chaotic, joyful and very selfless.  For a variety of reasons, we as women, tend to deprioritise our own health in favour of taking care of our families, careers, relationships and friends.

It is an ironic concept, given if we took an hour for ourselves each day, surely we would be happier, healthier and more fulfilled women and have a greater ability to care for those around us.  So how do we do it?  How do we juggle feeding three kids and your husband, running your household and your business all the while maintaining a healthy body and a happy mind.

These are the five habits that helped me finally prioritise my own health, and achieve the fittest body of my life:

1. Change your nutrition slowly:  Write down the meals you already eat, and find ways to slowly make them healthier.  For example if you are a big nachos family, the next time you make it, increase the veggies, opt for beans over meat (you’ll shave a good $15 off your grocery bill too) and ditch the dairy in favour of some extra avocado.   If you start to make healthy changes to the meals you already eat, you’re less likely to meet resistance from your family and you already have a baseline for cooking.  If your family are picky, make the changes very slowly!

2. Join a fitness community:  If you are used to putting others needs above your own, join a fitness community instead of a gym.  Not only will you be able to enjoy the social aspect, but you will be far more likely to stick to the regimen when someone else is relying on you. Better yet, get a workout buddy.  They need you to show up for them as much as for yourself.  Being accountable to another person has gotten me through my workout slumps without ever missing a beat.

3. Self Love:   It is said that eating healthy is the greatest act of self respect.  Similarly I believe that training is the greatest act of self love. So many busy women look in the mirror and are not happy with what they see, to work towards a body and a life you are proud of, is a a beautiful thing.  I believe training because you love yourself and not out of a place of self deprecation is the only way to stick to a fitness plan.

4. Find a Coach you vibe with:  The relationship between a coach and a client is a tricky one.  You want a trainer that understands your path, supports you, is realistic but also pushes you and keeps you on track.  You are going to be spending a lot of time together, you may as well enjoy their company.

5. Take photos:  While the scale is a useful tool, it is not always accurate.  Be sure to take photos of your body every week to document your results.

We cannot wait to bring about a healthy movement in our TradieWives Community.

With Love,

Coach Felicity


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