Guest Blog – Stop, Keep, Start… 3 Simple Words That Will Change Your Life.

Guest Blog – Stop, Keep, Start… 3 Simple Words That Will Change Your Life.


Do you find yourself saying ‘there’s not enough time in a day!’

Or ‘how on earth do I fit this in….’

‘I’m already flat out… something has to give!’

If this sounds like you then read on because this article is going to change your life…

The cycle starts with a busy Tradie Wife/Partner. You’re overloaded with work, housework, stressed out and time poor that you hardly have a spare moment to scratch yourself.

You want to make improvements so that you can gain greater control of your business and life, rather than continuing on BEING controlled…

However, to make improvements, changes must be made. Some of these may be easy, and others may take hard work and determination.

The question you may be asking is;

“How will I find the time to make these changes if I’m already so flat out as it is? There’s no time”

… This creates a downward spiral…. The lack of time prevents you from making the necessary changes in your business & life that will help you gain back your time and hence allow you to take back control. Yet, without these changes, you continue to struggle. And so, the cycle continues on…

If this is starting to sound familiar then I urge you to read on…

We want to share a really simple, but SUPER powerful exercise that’s going to help with this balance of time.

‘Stop. Keep. Start’  this is what we did in our own trade business (and what you can now do too) to ‘stop’, ‘keep’ and ‘start’ to gain back your precious time.

Being as passionate as we are about helping trade business owners save time so they can get back their lifestyle, we discuss this (plus more!) in greater detail at our full day live event The Next Level Tradie.

But for now, my question to you is, do you use your time wisely?

Even if you think “Yes I do”, I would still suggest that you do this one thing. It will help the most time poor Tradie Wives/Partners and could honestly help even the most time effective ones!

Here’s the simple recipe….

There is an easy template for this Stop. Keep. Start. Activity to download… CLICK HERE.


For a whole week document every task you do and how long it takes you to do it.

30mins here, 15min there on X task.

At the end of the week sort the tasks just as I am about to explain;


Firstly, pick three highlighters. With one colour, highlight everything that you consider of ZERO importance such as watching TV and scrolling social media.

These are the tasks that aren’t moving your business and life forward. They are time-sucking tasks that prevent you from completing productive activities. So it makes sense to STOP them right away.

Now for the important part of the STOP process. This next step will quite literally give you back time!

Select a second colour and highlight all the things you currently do that you really dislike this may be… data entry, invoicing and debt collection.

Now, consider the benefits of outsourcing these tasks.

The prospect of paying a book keeper (example) $50 an hour might seem expensive. BUT think about how long it takes you to complete the book keeping and how much your hours are worth. Is it actually expensive?

Let me give you an example…

Say your hourly rate is $50 and it takes you 3 hours a week (as a novice because let’s face it, us TradieWives aren’t all professional book keepers) to complete the book keeping, that’s $150. If the book keeper costs $60 an hour and it takes them 1 hour to complete the SAME work, it is actually costing you MORE for you to do the work.

Instead of spending tripe the time doing tasks you don’t enjoy ($150 from the example above), why not outsource it to something that LOVES this type of work and completes the same work within the hour at $60.

By outsourcing, you could now spend those 3 hours on profit producing tasks such as marketing for new leads. Of which may earn you enough money to pay for the book keeper AND give you a profit!

This is where leveraging your money is achieved, and most importantly buying you back time.

If this process works for your business, why stop there? Why not look at how you can do the same with your personal time? For example, how many hours a week do you spend vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms (the list is endless)? Hiring a cleaner to do this for you will save you HOURS!

Another hack could be utilizing Click & Collect or Delivery from your grocery store.

These simple tips are great cost effective ways to give you back your personal time, allowing you the freedom to do things you really enjoy.


Next we want to move to the third colour.

With another colour, go through and pick out the tasks that YOU need to KEEP for yourself to complete. These are the tasks that you are an absolute expert at (your genius) and it would honestly be more expensive for someone else to do them.


We’re up to the exciting part…. NOW you have created SPACE in your week from STOPPING tasks, it’s time to consider what to START.

Sadly the most important profit producing tasks are the ones that we struggle to find time to do. But, that is about to change…Make a list of these items that you wish to START.

These could include:

  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Writing content for your website
  • Integrating your cloud accounting with your job management system
  • Conducting sales training with your team
  • Reviewing and understanding your financial data.

The list goes on and ALL are exceptionally high on the importance scale of 1-10, they would be a 10.

Slot these tasks into your week where the STOP tasks previously were.

Then you can start working to a weekly schedule that helps you maximise your time on steroids (a topic for another time).

Stop. Keep. Start. Three little words that can have a HUGE positive impact on your business (and your life) if you only apply the theory of this to your daily activities.
Give it a try in your trade business this week…It can really go a long way to relieve the work overload that burdens so many trade business owners.

For more information on our Stop. Keep. Start. Activityand to download our easy to use templates… CLICK HERE.

And, if you have done this exercise (congrats to you!), and are now thinking ‘what am I suppose to START?’ then perhaps you might be interested to come along to our live event ‘The Next Level Tradie’.

We will be covering what you need to START working on to relieve your workload, gain back time and focus on moving your trade business forward. For more details on the event and to claim your FREE ticket CLICK HERE.

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