It’s coming up to Christmas, don’t wind down and take a holiday 

It’s coming up to Christmas, don’t wind down and take a holiday 

The worst thing you can do is wind down 

So many Trades at the end of October, start November start thinking about the Christmas break, for a lot of Trades it will be the standard week and a bit off and the thing is when you start thinking about this in October, you can lose clarity, become unproductive and overload your mind even more, i mean it’s hard enough running a Trades business as it is without having to have the Christmas break on your mind, and the last thing you need is a distraction on your mind about winding down, you don’t want to think of winding down, when you actually aren’t going to wind down anyway, you need to work full on until the day you knock off and, you’ll have your week and a bit off and then back into it in the second week of January 


“Your need to be productive until the day you knock off and appreciate your time off” 


Can you get this small project done for me before Christmas 

We have all had that prospects that pops up out of nowhere and asks for the work that needs to be completed before they break, the unrealistic expectation they have, while you might have a chuckle at the prospects asking if they can slip that project in before Christmas, so their backyard is ready for them or the work that needs to be done by the pool, or for their new holiday house, you know that old chestnut.



Before you take your Break 

There are a few things you’ll need to do before you hang up the boots for that well deserved break, like the end of each project


  1. You need to do a debrief on what the calendar year was like, what worked, what didn’t, what did you learn, what do you need to set up, what do you need to tighten up 
  2. Get ready to come back before you shut down, so many Trades Business Owners are not that motivated to come back and one of the reasons for that is that the operation was left in a mess and everyone rushed off on the last week
  3. Set your plan up for the rest of the FY for when you are back, Operational, Financial and whatever else is important 


What was your Business Christmas Present to you ?

I don’t mean the one under the Tree at home. It’s your business. What did you set up to reward yourself for all the work you have done, for the risk you take to run a business, something that will make your business life easier for 2024 ?

Switch off to reconnect 

Make sure you have everything taken care off before you close the doors for the break, the phones, the emails, the online enquiries, the WIP, anyone that gets back before you do, have you the supplies sorted, have the vehicles been serviced and securely locked away.


Don’t wind down, Switch off 

So, make sure you don’t wind down coming up to Christmas, be productive right up until the day you all knock off and  when you are on the well-deserved break, switch off, no social media, no text, no emails, it’s time to switch off


How you start is How You will Finish 

If you start off 2024 unorganised, without a decent plan, without a lead campaign set up, the vehicles dirty and not serviced, you are more likely to end up not finishing well either.



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Miles Primrose


Has been mentoring Trades and Builders for over 20 years 

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