GUEST BLOG: Is your business protected by legally binding terms of trade?

GUEST BLOG: Is your business protected by legally binding terms of trade?

The world as we know it is no more and unfortunately many businesses are going to struggle to get through 2020 if they don’t change what they are doing.

  • Do you want your business to survive and prosper?
  • Are you prepared to change what you do?
  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then read on.

All businesses are exposed to unpaid invoices and many have nothing in place to allow consequences if this happen.

If you do have Terms and Conditions of Trade in place when was the last time you had them reviewed?

Will your documentation stand up in a court of law or will it fail you?

There is not one business owner that could have predicted what businesses are currently experiencing. Media is reporting daily that many businesses may not make it through COVID19

For businesses to prosper “CASH IS KING”.  The landscape is pointing towards some difficult financial times. Business owners must do all they can to ensure they are running their business best practice

Liquidations, non payers and slow payers will greatly effect the economy and business survival moving forward.  What impact will this have on your business?

If you want to get serious about your business call now for a free health check on your credit management   1300 362 070

EC Credit Control has been helping businesses since 1989 and are the experts in credit management arena.

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