Is 2019 the year?

Is 2019 the year?

We always say that ‘X’ year is going to be our year and when it’s not, we move onto the next one. 2018 wasn’t our year so we had high hopes for 2019. We are now however 18 days into it and I’ve already had enough! So…my question is, do we ever have that  ‘perfect’ year?

In 2018 we had so many challenges that upon reflection actually turned out to be important lessons and having now worked through them all (with the help of a bit of wine) we can now take that new found wisdom into 2019.

There is always going to be ups and downs  – it is just part of life and the bad periods really do make us appreciate the good ones.

So while the elusive ‘perfect’ year may never come, majority of the time the good will far outweigh the bad and you may actually find that the bad or challenging times will teach you some valuable lessons or change your perspective on life, which really isn’t such a bad thing after all.

How has your 2019 started out?

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