Guest Blog – How wine can help your trade business!

Guest Blog – How wine can help your trade business!

It is the end of another big week working in your trade business and you definitely deserve a relaxing wine, or two, or three. You jump in the car and drive to the local bottleshop to pick up a bottle of plonk. But have you ever wondered how you make up your mind as to which bottle you will choose?

Standing in front of the never-ending racks of wine, trying to pick out a bottle is much like a kid in a candy shop. We are spoilt for choice which makes the decision even harder. So what do you do?

Simple… You make the choice easier by filtering the criteria. Do you want red or white? This question alone reduces the available options by 50 percent. From there you hone in on the blend you are after, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz or a Pinot Noir. That was the easy part.

Now that you know what type of wine you want, you still have to make the tough decision of which one. Staring at your chosen wall of wine bottles you begin to compare what is available. Your buying decision will typically come down to four main factors.

Return customer

We are all creatures of habit so when we find something good we typically stick with it. And the same can be said for a good bottle of wine. If you have tried it before and were pleased with your purchase, you are more likely to buy that same bottle again. You are, a return customer.

Strong referral

Our friends’ recommendations can play a huge role in influencing our decision. If a bottle comes highly rated by someone you know, then this reduces the risk of buying one that isn’t up to scratch. As a referred customer, your decision has been influenced by a positive review from somebody else.


Without knowing what the actual wine tastes like within a bottle, we use price to gauge the quality. Surely a bottle under $10 will not be equivalent to one over $40. So the price becomes a balancing act between the level of quality we desire compared to the amount we are willing to exchange for it. The budget you can afford is critical to your decision.


Promotions come in many different forms attempting to persuade your decision, regardless of all of the other, previously mentioned, factors. You know the ones, buy two for a reduced price, this week’s specials, member prices… etc… etc… However they are worded, they have the power to entice you because the perceived value you are receiving is greater than the price. It makes your decision easier.

Choosing the one

While all these factors help to persuade your decision, you are sometimes left with several bottles that still meet your criteria. But how do you choose one without knowing what it tastes like? All you can do is compare. You compare the name, where it is from, the look of the label and the feel of the bottle. Does it look cheap or does it look sophisticated?

Your entire decision process has come down to which wine bottle appeals to you. It is a common decision factor when faced with multiple options with a similar offering. Which one feels right?

Persuading your customers

The simple act of choosing your bottle of wine and the factors that drive your decisions can be used to your advantage in your trade business.

You can:

  1. Stay in touch with past clients to increase the chances of a repeat purchase.
  2. Ask for reviews, testimonials and encourage those word-of-mouth referrals.
  3. Price your services to match the quality of work you deliver, because price relates to quality.
  4. Offer a promotion, an added bonus that increases the value of the work delivered.
  5. Make sure the look of your business aligns with the quality of the work you complete.

When it comes to the decision-making process, how does your trade business stack up against your competitors? Are you a Penfolds wine or a clean skin? The next time you are buying a bottle of wine, take note of what factors influence your decision and see if you can apply any of them to your trade business.

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