GUEST BLOG: Cm3 Prequalification – Get Certified!

GUEST BLOG: Cm3 Prequalification – Get Certified!

Been asked to be Cm3 certified? In this blog post, we explain the steps needed to achieve Cm3 certification.

Cm3 prequalification is a third-party certification system by Greencap that manages the pre-qualification process of contractors in regards to WHS/OHS compliance.  It has been designed to reduce the administrative burden of its clients by effectively outsourcing the WHS/OHS assessment of prospective contractors aimed at improving workplace safety. 

What does that mean for you?

If you have been requested from your client to become Cm3 certified or are tendering for work that requires this certification you will need to provide a variety of safety documents for assessment based on your risk profile.  This can include:

What can I achieve with Cm3? 

Becoming a Cm3 certified contractor proves to your client that you have the systems in place to manage safety effectively.  Additionally, you’ll become visible to other potential clients who search for Cm3 certified contractors.

How do I become Cm3 certified?

Simply visit Cm3, register your details and start uploading your safety documentation.  If you require assistance, our dedicated team of consultants will be able to assist you.  Visit our Cm3 help page for more information.

For more information please visit: 


Email: [email protected]


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