Guest Blog: Client Success Stories: How They Help You Win More Business

Guest Blog: Client Success Stories: How They Help You Win More Business

Everyone loves a success story. So if you can show potential customers what you’ve previously been able to help other clients achieve, it can help get a prospective client across the line.

You’ll have undoubtedly collected testimonials from satisfied customers, and that’s great, but client success stories take the concept even further.

What a client success story looks like

A client success story is an extended piece of writing – usually in the form of a blog post, article or long-form social media content, that illustrates the fantastic experience a customer has had with your business.

A compelling client success story will show:

  • How you’ve considered your client’s need/s
  • Delivered them the perfect solution, and will
  • Highlight the outcome or results from your product or service

A quoted statement or testimonial from the client is usually included in the story, which adds authenticity and personalisation.

Many consumers like to check reviews and endorsements when researching a company to purchase from or do business with. So publishing client success stories are an effective way of developing the know, like and trust factor with potential customers.

Why client success stories work

Stories are relatable, stories work, and stories sell. Storytelling is an engaging format, and most people are genuinely happy to hear of the success of others… mainly if they think they’ll be able to achieve it too.

Client success stories are also effective ways to showcase your range of services and the high quality you provide. You can share the entire process of how your business was able to relieve a client from their problem, which leads any potential customer to understand what they can expect when working with you.

A prospective customer sitting on the fence about whether or not to engage your services is more easily persuaded when there’s a relatable and compelling endorsement. This is the role of a client success story.

The 4 Steps To Writing An Effective Client Success Story

  1. Identifying the most appropriate client to showcase

Think back to a recent customer who raved about how happy they were with the product or services your business provided. Maybe they left you a glowing review on Google or Facebook.

Get in touch to see if they’d be happy and give their permission to be the subject of a client success story. Emailing them is the best idea so you can get the go-ahead in writing. Many people will be happy just to share their delight with what you’ve done for them, but business clients could also be offered a backlink to their website, which helps them in turn with SEO.

  1. Making it simple for your client to be involved

No matter how satisfied they are with your services, a client might be reluctant if they feel there’ll be significant extra work involved for them.

Reassure them by making it super easy for them to be involved. A great way to do so is by providing them with a short list of simple, open-ended questions about their experience, which they can answer by email or a quick phone interview. Ask which would suit them best.

  • What was the specific issue/problem/challenge you were looking to fix?
  • Where did you find us or hear about us?

How would you describe your experience as our customer?

  • What made our product or service stand out from our competitors?
  • Did a specific factor make you choose us over the others?
  • What was the outcome/result/benefit from our product or service?
  • Would you feel comfortable recommending our services to others?

HINT: Many people are time-poor and will opt to answer questions over the phone during a short chat. Make sure you take plenty of notes or even ask their permission to record the conversation so you can get all the information later.

  1. Writing your story! Here’s how!
  • Begin with a solid benefit-focused headline. This is so important. E.g. Mr Smith achieved ABC (benefit) in 30 days with XYZ (solution)
  • Use the notes from your interview to outline your client success story
    • A paragraph that introduces the client and briefly summaries the outcome or solution you provided
    • A section with more information about the client’s situation and the problem they were experiencing
    • A paragraph about the process you undertook to assist them
    • A paragraph about their customer experience
    • A concluding paragraph about the results or outcome they received and how their earlier problems have been alleviated.
  • The story should be concise and easy to read. Sub-headings and bullet points will help break up long text to make it more easily read and scannable.
  • Include graphs and images where you can – this will help showcase the work you’ve done for them
  • Once done, send a copy of your draft to the client by email for their feedback. Ask if they’d like any changes made, or they’re happy for you to go ahead with the piece.
  • Keep the email indicating their approval for your records.
  • Don’t forget to seek their permission to use their responses as direct quotes or any images that might be identifying

Points to note…

  • You’re writing a story, not a sales pitch, so avoid any blatant hard-sell (consider it promotion, not advertising)
  • The appeal is in the story and making it personable is crucial
  • Ask if you’re able to use some of the content as a testimonial if they haven’t already provided you with one
  1. Pressing the publish button and sharing it widely!

Once you’re happy with your story – and it’s been approved by your client, of course – publish it for the world to see!

Where? As a blog post, an article in the local paper or even as long-form content on social media. You might even like to consider adding another page to your website – as “Client Success Stories” or “Testimonials” and adding it there.

Wherever the story is published, be sure to share the link to it (and even a snippet) to all of your socials and other accounts where it’s suitable to. Quite possibly, you’re already in some groups where it’s ok to post success stories. If your client is happy to share your link on their social media account that’s brilliant too – the more exposure the better!

Need Help to Write Your Client Stories?

The Professional Writer team can write your Client Success Stories for you. They are usually prepared in a batch, increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The service includes a briefing chat with you to outline your story, a phone interview with your client/s, writing the client success story on your behalf and sending it through for your approval.

If you’re planning to use your stories as blog posts, we can work with you to incorporate a keyword phrase which can increase your Google/search engine ranking.

We have added several client success stories to our website under the Testimonials tab. Check them out – https://www.professionalwriter.com.au/testimonials-2/client-success-stories/capability-statement-writing-success/


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