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I am an iAuditor Champion.

What is iAuditor?

iAuditor is an App that works on PC’s, Macs, tablets and phones. iAuditor by SafetyCulture is the world’s most powerful inspection checklist app and is now used 50,000 times a day in over 80 countries. It allows you to make your paper checklist digital and create neat reports, but it also does much more. You can create your own templates completely customisable to your business, create checklists, add photos, signatures and drawings. If you’re ready to bring your organisation over to digital, iAuditor is a great place to start. It’s an easy to learn, portable and fully customisable application.

The benefits of iAuditor are easy to see, but people are time poor and want easy results. We have created online interactive courses where we teach you everything you need to know to successfully implement the product.

Free iAuditor Demonstration:

This course will run you through the key features of iAuditor so that you can understand how the product could help you. We’ll show you how to set up a free account and download our trial template, so you can have a play.

It is a great way to understand the potential of the product with no risk.

iAuditor Builders Bundle:

The Builders Bundle will see you hit the ground running. We will show you how to set up a Free 30 day iAuditor Premium subscription and import our customised templates so you are operational on Day 1 with no fuss.

Try out the product and make sure its a right fit for you and your staff. Explore all the features of iAuditor and save time with your daily processes.

Do these problems sound familiar?

1. You want to be compliant and collect the relevant data, but you haven’t got a great process and procedure in place.
2. You don’t have a digital system or workflow in place to ensure you receive the right information at the right time and its costing you financially (money and time), and….
3. You don’t have the clear headspace or time to get a system in place and its hurting you because you just need to get this thing going.
We all know checklists help keep track of crucial tasks and makes complex processes easier. But why is paper still the primary method for gathering information?

Contact us for any questions on iAuditor and to see if it’s the right fit for your business.

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Real Balance Business Consulting

At Real Balance we have a single-minded determination to help our clients set and realise their goals. Helping our clients experience growth and realise their “success” is our greatest reward… Leading your growth with confidence, driving your goals toward success.

We enjoy partnering business owners, in helping them find freedom in life and in business. We are a CPA and Public Practice Certificate business, headed by a registered BAS Agent with over 25 years “ín business” experience as a financial controller, CFO and management accountant to our clients businesses.

At Real Balance, our staff provide business mentoring; cloud accounting; financial control and interim CFO; reconstruction; recovery or catchups of accounts and full back office 360 accounts control.

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Instagram: @realbalancebusinessconsulting

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The Uncomplicate
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Introducing Lisa Laing, a successful Business Coach and Mentor, who specialises in helping small businesses, and in particular trades based businesses, to work smarter not harder. Lisa has built up 5 of her companies in the last 12 years, and has worked very hard (not smart) before realising with 3 little kids, and 2 companies, and a near breakdown, that running around like a mouse on a wheel is NOT a great way to live!!

Too many grey hairs and belly rolls to say this was a lifestyle she wanted to stay doing!! Working 60 + hours a week, with little kids, and putting herself last on the list for too many years, Lisa found herself rocking in the corner, crying at the dog barking, and slowly being unable to do as many things each day. Diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and eventually chronic fatigue syndrome (because yes, ladies, our bodies do give up on us eventually when we think we are machines every day).

So about 7 years ago Lisa set out on a mission to find a much smarter way to work, with all this new technology out there, she found out that actually new technology wasn’t scary, it was cheap and effective.  And with that discovery, she pursued a new ideal – working 20 hours a week but allowing her businesses to grow at the same time as she decreased her work hours, and made more money. Was it possible to “live the dream”?? Over the last 7 years, she discovered it’s totally possible, and it can be for you too.

Originally, as her first business, Lisa built up a $3m turnover Solahart Franchise, specialising in solar hot water, solar power, energy efficient pool pumps and rainwater tanks, with her husband. This was the business where she learnt what NOT to do in business!! With 10 staff, sub-contractors, big suppliers bills every month and a volatile rebate driven marketplace, Lisa attributes many of her grey hairs to this business!!

She then co-founded Ecoriginals, the world’s most eco-friendly nappy brand and Australia’s most highly rated nappy brand as reviewed by the public. Lisa won Telstra Business Awards with this business, AND she played with new ways to run a business which wasn’t like being a mouse on a wheel. In fact, for more than 3 years, Lisa only worked about 15 hours a week, with her staff all working from homes around Australia (9 staff), and using cloud based software to run the whole business.

Lisa sold both her Solahart business and her nappy brand, and now spends her days teaching other business owners how to do this too. Her brand, The Uncomplicate, runs Masterclass workshops and business mentoring programs so that you can learn this “secret” of how to run a business that makes you money AND lets you work more reasonable hours.

Reach out for a free 30 minute chat with Lisa today, by visiting her website and clicking on the link to book a call.

Located Kingscliff, near the QLD/NSW border