Natalee Hudson

I support women to bring balance and alignment back into their, building confidence, growing their intuition, reconnect to their inner wisdom supporting them to rediscover the joy in their lives so they can live more fully and connected with themselves and their loved ones.

When you ignore the signs or find you “don’t have time” to stop and look deeper we find ourselves becoming anxious, increasing physical symptoms such mysterious aches and pains, broken sleep and feelings of exhaustion even if you have had a full night’s sleep. Taking simple steps to listen to and honour yourself will bring you more peace, rest and ability to do more with less effort in your life because you have more energy, space to think and are doing more of what feels natural.

My services include private Intuitive Mentoring, Crystal and Energy healing, women’s events such as Circles and meditation evenings. Appointments can be held online via Zoom conferencing, making it easier for you to be able to receive the support you need, or in person at my healing room which will be open again very soon.

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.


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