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Evenly PayPredict

Tradies are some of the worst paid businesses in Australia yet it often feels impossible to get in front of the problem. ??You can chase up late invoices but by then it’s often too late. One way to get in front of the problem is to use a credit bureau but not only are they expensive they’re not that helpful for most small business owners. Traditional bureaus can tell you the risk of a customer not being around in the next 12 months, but they can’t tell you whether a customer is likely to pay their next invoice.

That’s what Evenly does. We can tell you right now whether a customer is likely to pay you on time, in some cases even if you’ve never dealt with them before.

We keep an eye on all your invoices in the background and warn you of upcoming issues automatically.

We can even tell you the likely payment date for an invoice, help you understand the impact it will have on your business, and suggest ways you can encourage people to pay on time. It’s free to start, stays free if you just want the basics and at most is only $15/month to track unlimited customers with unlimited users. Getting started is as simple as securely connecting your Xero accounts and in seconds you’ll have PayPredict working for you 24/7 to help improve your cashflow.





Self-employed Aussies are responsible for their own superannuation. But because the process is overwhelmingly complicated, many will get it wrong, or just lump it in the ‘too hard’ basket and do nothing about it.

So despite a lifetime of hard work, too many self-employed tradies will struggle to achieve a comfortable retirement. But you didn’t say ‘no’ to a stuffy office cubicle only to struggle when it’s time to hang up the tools did you?

GigSuper was built on the simple philosophy that you shouldn’t need to be a finance expert to do super properly, nor should it take up much of your time when you’re self-employed.

We’ve created a fund with a purpose-built app and experience that makes it easier for you to get started and automate your savings.

This means there’s finally a clear path to a more comfortable retirement for self-employed Aussie sole traders like ?plumbers, sparkies, painters, chippies, landscapers, labourers, glaziers, plasterers, masoners, and anyone else who works for themselves?.

In just 15 minutes you can take control of your retirement plans by automating your superannuation. Your future self will thank you for clicking the link below.

Healthy Business Finances
Healthy Business Finances are complete and utter numbers nerds. Yep, loud and proud.
We are not your traditional accountants and bookkeepers, we have no head office, we all work remotely and virtually, we certainly don’t wear a suit and we make numbers fun. YES – numbers can be fun.
Providing a range of services including:
  • training on your accounting software (Myob, Xero, Quickbooks Online, Wave)
  • GST and Business Activity Statements
  • Payroll
  • Profit and Loss analysis
  • Management reporting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cashflow
  • Budgeting
  • Understanding your ATO obligations
  • And everything in between

We want you to truly understand those pesky numbers and be confident in making your business decisions, and we can hold your hand as much or as little as you like.

We offer both our financial coaching and accounting software training services remotely so we can service clients Australia wide, plus we offer some after hours appointments as we know just how busy you are during the day.
Often the numbers are the last thing people feel like doing, however we know how important they are to be accurate to have a financially sustainable business, so we can’t wait to help you in whatever area you need.

krodok protects the assets of small businesses and their owners by establishing personal investment in the company as a registered secured loan.

Small business owners need to protect the personal investment they make in their company like a bank does, with a secured loan, registered on the PPSR.  This protection empowers owners to be able to survive financial difficulty and thrive.

krodok is a quick and simple online product that allows small-business owners to put in place a legally-enforceable suite of loan documents to protect their personal investment, together with a registration on the PPSR, at a fraction of the cost that a lawyer charges.

The krodok system is appropriate for new money invested in a company and for money that has been invested since the company started but has not been properly documented.

Right Financial

Right Financial is your local Mortgage Broking business, offering a full suite of home loan and lending products to suit all walks of life and with NO ADVICE FEE. Here at Right Financial, we offer specialist advice in the areas of residential home loans, investment home loans, construction loans, self-managed super fund loans, commercial property loans, vehicle finance, and business lending. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice for first home buyers and self-employed borrowers in the construction industry. Connect with us to book in your no-obligation consultation.


Wilson Financial

Everyone wants their finance experience to be simple, straightforward and effortless. Whether you’re buying a home, a car, or arranging your income protection, you want it to make sense and be easy. You need someone you can trust. To achieve this goal  we have established an elite team of accredited mortgage and financial specialists to meet your all of your finance needs under one roof. At Wilson Financial we act as an  intermediary between  you and the largest lenders and underwriters  in Australia to secure a competitive rate with the favourable terms. Our team has a combined 34 years of experience to help you, and in most cases, we do not charge a fee for our services. 

We have the confidence,  competence and experience to get the job done.  At Wilson Financial we have  infinite industry knowledge, achieve world-class results and are committed to  excellence. We take the time to understand your unique financial requirements. We offer time and cost saving options, specialised knowledge, objective advice  and superior customer service.  Regardless of whether it’s a new purchase, a  debt consolidation or the refinance of an existing property, we are with you  every step of the way.  We are 100% committed to you and guarantee the highest  levels of professionalism, integrity and transparency at all   times.

Our services extend Australia wide and beyond. Our  clients come to us from all over the globe, both Australian Expats living abroad  and foreign investors living inside and outside of  Australia. Through email and Skype we are able of offer services beyond normal business hours  ensuring the highest levels of communication no matter where you are in the  world.




Yellow Brick Road Home and Commercial Loans

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) Castle Hill has been operating in and around the suburbs of The Hills for 12 years with Carol Russell, Finance Broker as the Principal and Mortgage/Finance Broker. Carol worked in the banking industry as a Financial Adviser until moving to YBR where she took on the role of Broker as well. YBR have helped thousands of families with their finance / borrowing needs.

We also work in the space of funding for small business whether it be to grow the business, purchase stock, purchase a vehicle,  marketing plans, business advice around appropriate funding for different kinds of business’s, payment of ATO tax bills,  run your need past me and I’ll let you know if I can help.

We are of course familiar with normal home loans ie to purchase a home, Construction loans,  refinance of home loans to renovate homes or consolidate debt,  Bridging loans,  Low Document loans,  SMSF loans and as well Specialist Loans,  where your credit may have been impacted when a client does not pay. Small business owners often have difficulty obtaining credit due to difficulty in proving an income… we may be able to help.

Call Carol on 0418 431157 or email [email protected]

We are here to help.

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