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Business Benchmark Group

Are you and your loved one working too many hours? Do you both wonder why you don’t have any cash to show for all your hard work?

Do you know how much to charge for your service? Do you have a team you can rely on and trust? Would you like to understand your financials better so that you know how to grow your business and achieve your goals?

At Business Benchmark Group, we’ve helped hundreds of trade-based business owners and their partners to grow more profitable businesses, while giving them more time together to enjoy their success.

Some of the businesses we’ve worked with include The Drain Man, Chadoak Plumbing, Mimosa Homes, H2-Pro and Powercom Electrical.

Kylie Frank, wife of Simon, of Powercom Electrical, said this after 12 months working with us:

“Simon’s stress levels have gone down. He now has confidence in himself to go out and get work and sell himself and the business.

It’s made a huge difference to our quality of life. We’ve bought a new house and our dream cars. I’m also home a lot for the kids, we have that flexibility now”

We’re committed to delivering business and life success for every tradie and tradie wife that we work with.

Get in touch today for a free session with our business strategists – there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Innovative Tradies Club

Innovative Tradies Club is transforming tradieology.

We have created a tradie community that inspires tradies, their partners and their businesses to visualise and realise their full business potential. ?

As a tradies partner, we understand that you are passionate and proud about the trade and are committed to delivering great outcomes for your customers using your skills, knowledge and experience. We deliver networking, learning, partnership & procurement opportunities for our club members that are highly complementary and deliver more productive and profitable outcomes.?

We are transforming tradieology; like it’s never been done before!?


Kingsbridge Consulting

Struggling to get paid on time? Finding contract terms confusing?

I provide support with quotes, contracts and payment claims helping you to get paid in full and on time.

With over 20 years’ professional experience as a Contracts Administrator I can save you time and money.

To free up your time to focus on running the business contact us for a free consultation:


  • Review, strengthen and reinforce T&Cs
  • Review Tender documents to price effectively and competitively


  • Review, assess and convey risks
  • Clarify contract terms ensuring full comprehension of duties and obligations


  • Systemise and manage payment claims


Ladies with Tradies

If you are a lady with a Tradie, then our programs are for you……

We want to teach you the strategies to reduce regret in love, life and in business. How to work WITH your Tradie, not bang your head against a wall.

Heck, it could potentially save your marriage, but more importantly – your sanity!

As a “Tradies Wife”, I know all too well how hard it can be if you are not on the same page with your Tradie. If you don’t know what your role is, or where your business is taking you and your family, the lack of clarity and direction can break you.

Then there’s the cash flow issues, the lack of work, or too much work, not knowing how to keep track of your money matters. The overwhelm can be excruciating. Your choice and options become limited.

Your relationship at home suffers, and business can eat up every bit of time you have together, which in turn can change the level of love, respect and appreciation you have for each other. Things are not as they used to be.

Ladies with Tradies is going to help you navigate all of this, to give you direction and clarity, to give you more choices and options, and to increase the love, respect & appreciation you have for each other, so that in your last days, you are not lying there in your regrets of ‘what could have been’ if you just did things a little bit differently.

We do this through flexible options – online self directed learning, group online coaching, 1:1 coaching, seminars and retreats.

We would love to meet you – so let us know how we can help!

“It’s time to stop the Shit hitting the fan in love, life and business.”

Big love – Kate Muldoon – Founder

Kate Muldoon is a Tradie’s wife herself, she’s an author, coach, mentor, public speaker and columnist.

Contact us at: [email protected]
Call Kate on: 0409 565 729
Watch our content at: Ladies with Tradies Business Page
Join the conversation at: Yeah the Ladies!
Small Fish Business Coaching

Small Fish Business Coaching is business coaching for tradies and builders. We’re called Small Fish because we are a small fish and we work with small fishes too – small fishes that want to grow a bit bigger and stronger.

It’s a specific kind of business coaching – it’s for trades businesses that are wanting to put the systems and structure in place to grow their businesses properly. You’ll grow from a small and unstructured business to a larger and much more structured and systematic one. How much larger is up to you – you’ll be too big a fish for us at some point.

The structure is about building a business where you (the tradie and the wife – the management team) can grow your business without the two of you just having to take on more work yourselves. It’s about hiring people and giving them the systems so they can do their jobs well, without needing supervision and help from you all the time.

The ultimate goal is a beautiful business that does great work (and keeps your customers happy), where happy and engaged team members are doing their jobs well, productively and without much of you, where the leaders are enjoying some work-life balance and running the business, not stuck in the guts of it doing everything.

If you work with us, you’ll write a strategy for your trade business – you’ll decide what you want it to become and make this plan for how to get there. And we’ll help you implement your plan.

The plan will be based around the structure I’m about to describe:

  • Marketing – you’ll build a marketing machine that brings a steady flow of leads (it FINDS the work)
  • Sales – you’ll build a sales machine that converts leads into jobs consistently and with great margins (it WINS work)
  • Operations – you’ll build an operations machine that completes jobs to standard, on-time and on budget, with minimal call-backs, using systems and training and accountability. (it DOES the work)
  • Back Office – you’ll build a back office machine that handles all the admin and makes sure everything runs like clockwork – without the two of you having to do everything yourselves, too. You’ll understand your numbers and make sure the business makes money. (it’s the GLUE that holds everything together)
  • You – you’ll manage yourselves as you make these changes and build the machines – changing roles as you grow your business, your fears and control issues (!), you’ll focus on the right work and do less of the wrong work, get off the tools as much as possible, prioritise better and get control instead of being controlled by work.
  • Your Team – you’ll invest in them – hire well, lead them well, manage them well and set a great culture, so they want to help you grow the business and so they know what you need them to do to make that happen.

What to do:

Watch the videos in the Tradies Wives Facebook Group

Download our ‘Know Your Numbers Workbook’ – and learn the numbers you should be tracking in your business.

Attend a Tools Down Workshop (tickets are doubles, so 1 ticket covers both of you, they are on a weekend so you can get away from work and enjoy some time working ON your business)

Book a 10-minute chat with me (Jon) to start the process of deciding if coaching with Small Fish is the right thing for you right now.

Spitfire Accounting Solutions

We are leading accountants and bookkeepers for tradies, because Kirsty is married to one and knows the industry from the inside – running a tradie business.

You didn’t go into business to work 20 hour days on the tools, invoicing, bookkeeping, GST, tax – and you’re over it. You went into business for the freedom to spend time with the kids, to put your feet up on Friday afternoon and not worry about work until Monday.

We solve these work/life balance problems. From Skinny Compliance to The Full Monty, we have packages to suit your needs – and to have a life.

My website is

Strategy Australia

Strategy Australia is a management services consultancy that assists businesses to identify and prioritise growth opportunities and develop simple and measurable action plans. Our services are aimed at assisting small and medium sized businesses to grow their sales through reviewing current and potential products and services as well as the potential to increase market penetration to generate greater sales revenues.

Strategy Australia has consulted in business expansion, revenue growth and strategic marketing to local and international organisations for over 25 years. Services provided include:

  • Identification and prioritisation of business growth opportunities;
  • Action Plan development
  • New market, product and service opportunities;
  • Assistance with Government and Private tenders;
  • Marketing planning and marketing plan development;
  • On-going assistance to help review progress against action plans;
  • Business mentoring.


Phil Hare

Email: [email protected]

Mob: 0418 162 644



Tamika Johnston Building Consulting and Coaching

My passion for the construction industry started at a young age. Initially with my own property investing and developing, and then owning my own construction business.

Having had the role of estimator, quality control officer, bookkeeper, accountant, marketing expert and sales person (breath), I experienced the same frustrations that every other builder that I have mentored, and spoken to also faces.

This led me to my vision which is to provide a high value, affordable program for builders – to assist them to create their own foundations for their business all in the one place. Including pricing, sales and sales psychology, budgets, processes and procedures – And much more.

In my own business I found that it was extremely difficult to find this information and it definitely wasn’t in the one place.

My curiosity to find a better way within our business started with a long search and many phone conversations with my friends who were builders. I would ask things like, “How much are you charging per square at the moment” and, “I am so frustrated! I’ve just spent hours and hours on a proposal and they’ve used my specifications to get another builder to quote!” were the general dialogue of such conversations.

After a long and frustrating search, eventually I found my first business mentor who put us on the right track.

My affiliation with the industry didn’t stop there. I was lucky enough to become a strategic business coach specialising in builders and trades and I continued along my journey – one in which I’m extremely passionate about.


With a background as a pilot, and a once medical school attendee, Candice discovered her passions lay elsewhere. This began her pursuit of assisting others in all areas marketing, lead generation and personal development.

She discovered that her passion for not only her own business but the businesses of others led her to develop her own coaching business specialising in coaching coaches.

Having coached well over 5000 hours in her own coaching business, Candice forms the other side of the Academy partnership by guiding our clients through funnels and ways to generate a more consistent lead base rather than the “feast or famine” method as what the construction industry is well renowned for.

Together Tamika and Candice believe that they can change the industry. To create an enjoyable and sustainable business across all facets of not only business, but their clients lives.

Trade Advisory Group

Trade advisory group was formed by real trade business professionals that identified a gap in the market to provide experience-based business assistance to business owners in the trade sector. You will benefit from dealing with proven advisors that have decades of experience in owning and running successful trade businesses. Trades have specific challenges that other businesses do not, Trade Advisory Group understand this and know what is required to operate more efficiently, minimise mistakes, maximize profits, and create less stress.

Trade Advisory Group helps you look at your business differently. We get involved with you, examining the specifics that other advisors or accountants may not. We focus on aspects that are unique to running a trade business, like variations, changes in scope, locking in and negotiating with suppliers, implementing project cost controls to track profitability, and improving job procedures.

We partner with trade business owners at all stages of their lifecycle, from those just starting out, to established businesses eager to grow, right through to owners wanting an effective exit strategy. Wherever you’re at with your business growth journey, Trade Advisory Group has the expertise and skill set to equip you with the tools, strategies, and processes you need to achieve your goals.


Trade Business Success

We know that tradie wives are often the backbone of the business, holding it all together, staying on top of the things their husbands are too busy (or forget!) to do, keeping back-end operations running smoothly, ALL THE WHILE, managing to STILL take care of the kids, household, and continue with their own careers.

This is no small feat.

And it’s usually where overwhelm tends to kick in… You get stuck struggling to achieve the lifestyle that you and your partner likely went into business for in the first place!

The hustling. The late nights. The long hours. Always looking for ways to help, improve, and move things forward… but there can be so many questions and challenges, with little information available to help.

At Trade Business Success, we are a specialist group of trade business coaches that work with plumbing, electrical and other trade-based businesses to help them make more money, get back their time and ultimately build a business that works for them.

Far from ‘cookie cutter’, we provide strategic direction, actionable advice, and act as your sounding board to discuss ideas, problems and challenges, with your best interest at heart – helping you with marketing, sales, pricing, financial management, systems, teams, technology and much, much more.

Visit to learn more.