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Business Benchmark Group

Are you and your loved one working too many hours? Do you both wonder why you don’t have any cash to show for all your hard work?

Do you know how much to charge for your service? Do you have a team you can rely on and trust? Would you like to understand your financials better so that you know how to grow your business and achieve your goals?

At Business Benchmark Group, we’ve helped hundreds of trade-based business owners and their partners to grow more profitable businesses, while giving them more time together to enjoy their success.

Some of the businesses we’ve worked with include The Drain Man, Chadoak Plumbing, Mimosa Homes, H2-Pro and Powercom Electrical.

Kylie Frank, wife of Simon, of Powercom Electrical, said this after 12 months working with us:

“Simon’s stress levels have gone down. He now has confidence in himself to go out and get work and sell himself and the business.

It’s made a huge difference to our quality of life. We’ve bought a new house and our dream cars. I’m also home a lot for the kids, we have that flexibility now”

We’re committed to delivering business and life success for every tradie and tradie wife that we work with.

Get in touch today for a free session with our business strategists – there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Call 03 9001 0878
Email [email protected]

CC Safety

CC Safety based on the Central Coast NSW, highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about safety, environment, quality and sustainable business development, especially for smaller enterprises.

We design Work Health & Safety Management Systems (WHSMS) that work FOR you, keeping you compliant, your work crew safe and productive and importantly, keep your clients happy.

We remove jargon, create simple effective training, policies, procedures, Toolbox Talks, and SWMS, and Risk Assessments on individual jobs.

We help free up your time so you can be the brilliant boss and tradie you planned to be.

Contact [email protected] / 0432 542 660

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Con X

ConX is a simple to use platform for small and medium construction contractors to manage your pre-construction process, helping you with takeoffs, tendering and quoting.

We were a husband & wife team running a carpentry business and knew there had to be a better way than printing plans and spending long nights and weekends quoting.

We have built an easy to use takeoff system which will cut your quoting time in half, ultimately helping you to win more work.

Start your 2-week free trial today to help get your nights and weekends back.

Instagram @conxjobs

Contractors Debt Recovery


Swap Sleepless Nights for Security of Payment.

The Security of Payment Act

We are experts in the Security of Payment Act, also known as the SOP Act, BCISOPA or SOPA, an adjudication process that we handle from start to finish.  Since general manager, Anthony Igra established the business back in 2006, we have recovered more than $65 million of unpaid work for building contractors and sub-contractors using this Act and put it straight back where it belongs, helping our clients pay wages and bills, look after their families and keep their businesses afloat.

Speedy Process

If you’re struggling with chasing down late payments Contractors Debt Recovery can help you recover the money you are owed – fast, using the adjudication process.  Forget going to court, paying expensive legal bills and incurring extended delays, we can turn around a claim within 6 weeks from start to finish and recover payment around 90% of the time.

Industry Specialists

As specialists in the commercial construction industry, we know the building industry inside and out.  We know all the tricks and the excuses made that stop you getting paid – and we know what to do to stop it. Our Principal, Anthony Igra has been profiled on A Current Affair, Kochie’s Business Builders, as well as being widely quoted in the media for his expertise in winning even the toughest claims.

From Start to Finish

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and extensive experience to ensure a positive result.  We will handle your case from start to finish so you can forget about it and get back to the business of running the business.  We will prepare your payment claim, adjudication application and ensure all the evidence is documented and we will argue hard for every cent you are owed.

We Are Affordable

We work on a fixed-fee basis for the whole process, with exact costs put on paper upfront in a Claims Agreement.

But NOTE: This process does not apply to contracts between you and a home owner, where the work is done on their home. We cannot help with those debts.


E: [email protected]



Count on Grace
At Count on Grace, we help small businesses run with confidence. With our range of accounting, bookkeeping and Xero services we offer a fresh way of thinking without a suit in sight.
We believe in:
  • BUILDING GREAT RELATIONSHIPS. We want to get to know you.
  • THINKING BIGGER. Let’s talk about the big ideas.
  • SAVING TIME WITH TECH. So you can focus on what matters.
  • FIXED-FEE PRICING. No surprise bills. Ever.
  • KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Time to clean out the clutter
  • SHARING KNOWLEDGE. So you can run with confidence.
Contact info:

As a long time ‘tradie-wife’ and being the person that deals with most of the admin, I was all for hubby developing the CrewTraka app as it not only helps him manage his work crew but would also make my job a whole lot easier.

When looking for something initially, we found that many of the systems we looked at were just too complicated, took too long to learn, lacked support, were overly expensive or just didn’t do exactly what I needed them to do.

The idea behind CrewTraka was to create something that was easy to setup, that would monitor projects and crew while also making it easier for me to manage everyday tasks such as keeping track of crew hours, overtime, signing their safety docs (SWMS and JSAs), even managing leave requests or making project claims… and that how CrewTraka was born.

CrewTraka has a simple to use central dashboard that you can access from your PC, laptop or iPad and uses the CrewTraka app that every crew member is connected to. We run a crew of around 25, however it works just as well with a crew of 5 or 55.

Every business gets their own app connected to their business that displays their company logo and details and connects the business to their crew.  The platform has the highest security going around so you can rest assured your data is safe and your privacy is protected.

Something that was important to us with the release of CrewTraka was, no matter what package you are on… you get everything, no hidden costs, no add-ons, no expensive training cost and most importantly free support where you can pick up a phone and talk to someone local which I think gives people real piece of mind.

These days more and more companies are using technology to streamline out dated processes and if you’re like me… also looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. If you want to take back some of your valuable time and spend it doing other, more fulfilling things… CrewTraka is definitely worth a look and I am always more than happy to answer any questions or help in any way I can.

If, like me, you run a trades based business in Australia and need help replacing out-dated systems and taking back more of your time, grab a free trial of the Crewtraka App by heading to

Appreciate your time,



I’m Kristine Daw, Melbourne-based tender writer and trainer. My business, Dawtek has been operating for nearly 20 years.

I know what you’re thinking. Writing tenders is a headache. It’s time consuming and downright tedious. But the good news is that when you learn tender writing with me, you get to tap into my 20 years of tender and proposal writing expertise across all kinds of industries.

No matter what kind of tender help you need, I’m your go-to tender professional. From developing your tender strategy and writing your tender response, to tender training and developing business documents.

As a small business myself, I understand business. I’m friendly and affordable and here to provide you with the services, that are tailored to your business.

My services are all tender related, I can write the tender for you, edit your written work, or teach you how to do it yourself.  They include:

  • Tender writing
  • Editing
  • Review and critique
  • Creating tender boilerplates
  • Design a tender template for your business
  • Tender design and graphics
  • Capability Statements
  • Company Profiles
  • DIY Templates from my Shop
  • Tender Policies and Procedures
  • Tender Training (calls and workshops)
  • Online Tender Course.

I predominately work with SME’s in writing tender submissions across not-for-profit, health and medical, cleaning, construction, design, health and finance, delivering a 70% shortlisting success rate.

I believe small business is the cornerstone of the Australian market. We are our own economy, creating jobs, supporting families, strengthening communities and empowering individuals around the nation.

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Digital Instyle

We do search that works.

Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Digital Instyle is a boutique Digital Marketing Agency providing:

  • Fractional Chief Growth Officer services
  • Website Design & Development,
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation),
  • Pay Per Click (Google Adwords & Microsoft advertising),
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Nurture and
  • Website Maintenance

Our Professional Service, Data-Driven Strategies, and bespoke SEO campaigns have earned us a reputation for delivering outstanding, results-driven work.




Eagle Financial

It's great to be officially part of this page. Fortunately we already have clients who are TradieWives FB members, as well as some of our team are wives of tradies and always mention @EagleFinancial when help is needed. You know who you are and thanks for the support!

We are accountants for small businesses, based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and Kingscliff on the NSW North Coast. With a client base of majority tradies and builders and closely affiliated with the Master Builders Association, our team are eager to pass on knowledge to make tax simple and save time for busy families. Over the years, we've been able to identify small business pain points such as reliable record keeping, LSL, contractor reporting and cashflow management using Xero and the latest cloud based tech for business effectiveness.

You may see Brooke or Dani from our team responding to some questions to pass on any help when needed. Otherwise please call us (9949 6719), or email [email protected] or via our website -