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Blade Bookkeeping
Blade Bookkeeping

Our mission at Blade Bookkeeping is to ‘Show you the Money!’

We know that it doesn’t matter where your business is at … it’s still hard not to worry about money and cashflow.

That’s why we’ve created a system to deliver Proven Cashflow-Predicting bookkeeping that also builds lifetime value in your business.

Your bookkeeping should be creating an asset in your business which PROVES the value of your business for whoever needs it.

Like the ATO, the bank, yourself for business decisions or even a buyer if you dare to dream of selling someday.

In our 7-point ‘Show me the Money!’ call we can let you know if your bookkeeping is truly building an asset in your business.

In the call we do a forensic sweep where you come out with any action steps to take.

  1. We Investigate
  2. Uncover any hidden or unbanked money for
  3. Extract untapped Cashflow
  4. And Stop any leaks

To find out more simply click on this link or call 03 9890 8056 to book a call today!

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