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Vintage Tool Shop

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549 High Street, Northcote, Victoria 3070
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The VINTAGE TOOL SHOP, that has been open since February 2019 in 549 High st, NORTHCOTE 3070, is the ONLY dedicated vintage tool shop in Melbourne & Australia.

We (Mike & Mari) have been selling VINTAGE & ANTIQUE TOOLS in vintage bazaars, online via eBay (www.VintageToolsMelbourne.com.au) & Etsy, markets & tool sales etc since 2012.

We know that people always need GOOD TOOLS & we offer unique items that are high quality USER GRADE or COLLECTOR grade ANTIQUE HAND TOOLS.

Beside selling vintage tools, we manufacture our bespoke HERITAGE SAWS brand of dovetail, carcass & tenon SAWS for woodworkers, proudly made in the work.

WE SELL axes; hatchets; hand saws – tenon, sash, carcass, dovetail, gents, pad & hacksaws up to one man crosscuts; planes – infill planes, moulding planes, jack planes; chisels- beveled, gouge, firmer, mortice, carving, cold etc.; bevels; marking gauges; mortise gauges; jewellers tools; plumbers tools; pliers; levels; braces; eggbeater drills; auger bits & sets; leather working tools; awls; spokeshaves; drawknives; adzes; natural sharpening stones; barber hones & stones; straight razors; tapes; plumb bobs; lead dressing sticks; upholsterers tools; plumbers bobbins; hammers; mallets & many more.

Please check out our ONLINE SHOP at www.VintageToolShop.com.au