Lunic Developments Pty Ltd

Lunic Developments Pty Ltd

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Kingsholme, Queensland 4208
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We are a leading custom residential and commercial builder in the inner Brisbane and  Gold-Coast region that specialise in quality homes and major renovations.


As a family business with over 30 years experience, every relationship established is exclusive and transparent to cultivate your build vision and turn it into reality.

From meticulous planning and key-turn project support, we focus on quality workmanship to deliver you a forever home, where the heart is.

What does Lunic mean? It mean’s family.

We named our business after our boys Luke and Nick. By establishing a foundation around our family values, we’ve earned the trust of our clients and forged deep, meaningful connections with them. But, there’s room for more. We want to work with you to create lasting memories so you can give back to your family.