East Coast Carpets

East Coast Carpets

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4 Suzanne Court, Ringwood North, Victoria 3134

Detailed Information

East Coast Carpets is a family owned and operated carpet and flooring company based in Ringwood North, Victoria.
From mid-2018, Martin and his partner, Gabriella, have been growing East Coast Carpets and working along side it’s suppliers with the sole purpose of bringing high quality laying at affordable prices to the general public.

At East Coast Carpets, we believe that providing an exceptional customer experience is paramount to being a successful company. As such, we go above and beyond to not only ensure that you are 100% confident in your flooring choice, but that you are completely at ease during the entire installation process.

We are committed to regularly reviewing our suppliers and sourcing ethically responsible carpet and flooring options for our customers. We aim to always be upfront and honest, to the best of our knowledge, about the sourcing of our products and any manufacturing processes they undergo.