Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S)

Hazard Co

Back in 2007, two tradies decided there was a time and a place for ‘she’ll be right’ – and it wasn’t on the construction site. A new approach and attitude towards health and safety on-site was needed – something simple that tradies could get on board with. That’s when HazardCo was born – built to make health and safety a breeze, not just for you, but for everyone on site.

Our world is digitally evolving. That means mountains of paperwork won’t keep the person at the top of the ladder safe, that’s why we’ve developed a way for you to digitally complete your health and safety – It’s what you need, when you need it…all from your back pocket!

Our simple to use App cuts out all the time-consuming parts of health and safety and improves worker engagement by allowing your trades to get back to what they do best…build – ultimately creating a safer and more productive worksite. It’s a win-win! HazardCo, health & safety made simple.


Serene offer specialist advice and complete outsourcing of Human Resources, Workplace Health & Safety, Compliance, Workplace & Heavy Vehicle Compliance, Payroll, Marketing and IT.


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Pillar Consulting Group

Pillar Consulting Group is a health and safety management consulting firm. We are passionate about partnering with our clients to help them implement robust processes, systems, and behaviours, ultimately enabling them to protect their people and their business. Our philosophy is to implement best practice health and safety systems and then provide training and education to bring it to life, embedding it into the culture to put into everyday practice. We see ourselves as true business partners and look to engage as if we are part of our client’s team. We are passionate about providing systems and processes to change workplace cultures and behaviours and we are committed to creating the most rewarding experiences for our clients and the communities in which we operate.

Website: www.pillarconsulting.com.au

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Safety Glasses Online

Safety Glasses Online is an Australian small business, that was founded in 2013 by Optometrists, to provide easy access to quality eye protection at competitive prices.  The range of certified prescription safety glasses available is second to none, with many being manufactured in Australia.  For those of you that belong to a Health Fund with extras, most will be able to claim their prescription safety glasses.  Alternatively, in many cases PPE can be claimed as a work expense against your income. (Though always smart to talk to your accountant for clarification).
We also carry a large range of quality standard safety glasses and face shields including the brands Bolle, Uvex and Eyres.
At Safety Glasses Online we are passionate about eye protection.  So much so, that we created a children’s arm in 2017, so that our children can have good vision for life.
Safety Glasses Online prides itself on its excellent customer service and that many of our new customers are referred. Please contact us should you have any queries as we would be more than happy to help.
Keep It Simple Group

The #1 Experts in helping businesses with less than 300 employees build a safety compliance system as well as manage HR. 

We live by the philosophy of Keeping Things Simple, all of our systems are customised because every business is different, we only include what you need and nothing you don’t and we are there to help you the entire time making sure you actually understand what you need to do.

You employee experts all the time to help you run your business, get an expert to help you run your safety.

We have a large number of Tradie customers and we know how to get your business on the right track.

OHS Compliance Solutions

I know the last thing you feel like doing is spending hours and hours wading through legislation, writing procedures and checking they are all compliant… 

Weirdly enough, I LOVE to read legislation, write policies and procedures. My goal is to take your safety headache away, and provide you with a ready to use simple safety management manual which enables you to get back to your other work. 

So if you need a hand navigating the minefield of safety and want to be able to enjoy your evenings at home, not wading through mountains of paperwork then check out our WHS Manuals today – affordable, and really easy to implement.

Or get in touch for a personalised solution. 


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