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Tender Training College is committed to empowering small business with the knowledge and skills to respond more effectively and successfully to government and private sector tenders.

Tendering offers fantastic opportunities to grow your business and enhance your professional development. We help you to navigate the complex and challenging world of bidding with affordable, accessible and engaging tender training.

Tender Training College was established in 2017 by Kate Burrows, one of Australia’s most successful tender consultants. Kate has helped businesses win more than $25 billion in new contracts and has spent more than 15 years coaching business professionals on how to improve their tendering performance. She understands the challenges of running a small business and tendering at the same time.

“I have seen how stressful, time consuming and costly tendering can be if not done correctly – particularly when there is a lot at stake. I am passionate about empowering small business with the knowledge and skills to take the guesswork out of tendering and be more efficient and successful.”

Tender Training College aims to help you to secure your current position, find new employment possibilities, or grow your business through winning more contracts.

Our team is made up tender and education specialists. We understand the challenges of tendering for professionals, and have developed quality training packages that target the specific needs of small and large businesses.

We have a range of tender preparation courses and services, including:

  • Tender introductory courses
  • Tender writing courses
  • Tender pricing courses
  • Tender reviews of past or current tenders
  • One-on-one tender coaching and training.

We can also customise our training programs to meet your organisation’s or group’s specific learning requirements.

You can choose to undertake training via a number of different methods, including:

  • Self-paced online courses
  • Virtual live training via video conference – for individuals or groups
  • Interactive public workshops.

Business Details:

Founder and Managing Director: Kate Burrows

Address: Suite 703, Level 7, The Trust Building, 155 King Street, Sydney. NSW. 2000.

Phone: 1300 414 000

ABN: 76 548 396 902

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.tendertrainingcollege.com.au







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