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Leaders Lounge is the home of leadership development where leaders come together to connect and thrive.

Leaders Lounge is proudly brought to you by KEASE International, the Australian leader in the design and delivery of bespoke learning programs that positively impact business metrics. KEASE International has successfully worked with ASX200 listed companies, elite sporting groups and state government departments in uplifting performance to achieve business metrics. Our areas of speciality are in:

  • Team dynamics & performance
  • Applied emotional intelligence
  • Communication & conflict resolution

We started Leaders Lounge as a project during the pandemic to provide our clients with a safe place to ask questions and seek advice. We had such demand for our services, we were asked to turn the project into a permanent fixture through membership. For a low cost out members can access events, learning programs and leadership coaching from our experienced and accredited professionals.

Becoming a Leaders Lounge member, means becoming an important part of our community.

We take the time to get to know you and connect you with the people and resources you need to grow your professional presence and skillset.

Get practical advice from our experienced and accredited leadership coaches in one-on-one coaching.

Build your skills and access quality leadership resources through our Learning Academy.

Get to know other leaders at our all-industry events where we come together to share experiences, build community and learn about the latest in leadership.

Corporate Leaders Lounge membership is a low-cost solution with a high-impact return that provides targeted leadership support when and where your leaders need it most.

Our tailored leadership coaching and resources can increase staff engagement, boost productivity and help translate KPI’s into real results.

Increase productivity by supporting your leaders to navigate complex situations with the help of our experienced and accredited leadership coaches and accompanying resources and events.

Our ‘on-demand’ model means leaders can access support as issues or roadblocks arise, or at regular intervals that suit their schedule.

Leaders Lounge works alongside your organisation to ensure our services align with your organisational priorities and guidelines.


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Strategic Solutions

Cheryl Stainsby is a Directors Advocate, her company “Strategic Solutions” is company that provides  support to Directors and Business Owners looking to start new businesses, maintain the health of their current businesses, or explore an exit strategy. She offers assistance to Directors who are experiencing financial difficulties and  deals, on behalf of the business owner, with the ATO, Banks, Receivers, Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees. She creates a safe space for family businesses to explore their options if they suspect that there are financial issues and specializes in dealing with businesses that have  Building and Trade Licences.