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Chantal Gerardy

Hi, Chantal Gerardy here…

Let me introduce myself 

I moved to the Gold Coast 12 yrs a go from South Africa. Knowing no-one, and With no marketing budget / start up capital, and whilst my 3 daughters under 5 yrs old played or slept, I  taught myself facebook and grew a successful business in a saturated Industry.

After finishing my diploma in social media marketing, I went on to teach many Tradies Wives, how to get clients, create opportunities and grow their business using organic social media and email marketing strategies… 

Yes! Many Tradies are getting results without paying for ads.

(Check out my +166 positive online reviews and success stories on my page) 

Since then I have won multiple awards, including being featured on channel 9 news, the radio, been named Australias Top 100 Coolest Companies and won multiple Education and Innovation International and National awards for Startups and Out of the Box Marketing. 

Is this for you ? 

This is for tradies whose have entrusted their marketing to their wives (but want more skills and a strategic action plan that’s effective), perhaps your  budget doesn’t allow for  outsourcing, or maybe you are tired of wasting time on ‘cross your finger marketing’ , maybe you just need to practically be shown the yucky stuff and don’t want to waste money on ads (if you haven’t already) 

Would you like to get more calls? Have better systems and structure with generating more clients. How about creating content that gets enquiries? Or understanding the ‘techy’ stuff that may be holding you back. Do you want more online bookings? Or to know how to grow your page, reach a wider audience, run a competition, get more reviews  and stand out from your competitors.

The good news is is that you need NOT do it all! Just Whats right for your business and I’ll show you what that is.

Whether you want more clients, I can help you create and implement a client generation strategy which Is easy to implement.

And … We can work together on the Gold Coast or Online, plus we have a tech support team to help set up anything that may be holding you back .  

Pascal Satori

The team at Pascal Satori use Strategic Design principles and Design Thinking methodologies to create engaging brand communications and marketing solutions that directly align with the needs, motivations and behaviours of our client’s customers.

Great design and marketing is about making an impact, looking at things differently, evaluating your data, and deriving both short term results and sustainable business success. At Pascal Satori we design brand communications and experiences that take each and every touchpoint into consideration, building seamless customer experiences and connections.




Dalel Sassine Digital Marketing

We work exclusively with local Aussie businesses; generating them quality job leads. It’s a big ask, for a business owner to be a master of their trade, but also a master of their marketing. Many tend to find that they simply do not have the time to dedicate to prospecting and building their clientele outside of word of mouth.

So, they look for some external help for their Job Lead Generation…

If you have heard of, or are utilising such services as Hipages, Oneflare, and Yellow Pages, then you would also know that inquiries sent through these services are typically sent to more than one of your competitors and can end up in a ‘bid war’ for the lowest quote to land one client.

So where do we come in?

While our service is comparable to those previously mentioned top-dollar competitors; when you engage with DSDM, the job leads we generate are exclusive to you and your business only. Through our service, you will not share these with any other local business!

The beauty of it, is that the job leads coming to you are potential clients who have already decided that they require your services. They are clients that are Google searching services that they require because they need them.

So, you can put a stop to wasting money on generic Facebook ads that spring up on a random audience (probably sitting on the loo) scrolling their Facebook feed.

How on Earth is this possible?

We work with you to set up customised ‘Sister Sites’. Little plots of online real estate – Websites that advertise your key services. You don’t need to lift a finger because we own, manage and update these websites ourselves, ensuring they are page #1 in the Google Search results, scooping up quality job leads just for you.

All calls and inquiries through our Sister Sites are redirected to your business exclusively. Our fees are kept low because our main priority is to keep local businesses thriving! As small business owners ourselves, we know what it is like to compete with well-known, highly resourced brands and franchises. This is why all our fees are negotiable – no more dealing with high-ticket agencies, let us take good care of you.

We also offer the following services: Facebook and Google Ads Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, Website Design, Google My Business Optimisation.


Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @deesassine

G.J. Gardner Homes

G.J. Gardner Homes’ specialty is helping home builders who want to take their business to the next level and people with construction management experience who want to own their own building business. 

Who We Are

Australian owned, G.J. Gardner Homes is the 6th largest detached residential home builder in Australia, the largest builder in New Zealand and rapidly growing in the USA. 

What We Do

We are a franchise network that supports its member’s to increase sales, profits, personal profile and business sale value by providing them with industry leading; 

  • Services, training and support in business, management, marketing and sales 
  • End-to-End proprietary building & business software 
  • Top tier supplier relationships & pricing 
  • Business practices and sales systems 
  • Brand and personal profile 
  • Designs (plans) 

If you’re located in Victoria or Tasmania, and interested to learn more about how a Franchise could help you, please call or email Jess Morris; [email protected], 0429 218 238

Stone Business Coaching

Donna provides Business Coaching services Australia wide using her 30+ years’ experience and formal qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Training & Management.  She specialises in serviced based businesses including trade businesses, whether it’s starting, growing, expanding or rescuing a business.  For more than 30 years she’s worked with tradies, builders and construction professionals on:

  • Money & Finances
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Systems & Processes
  • Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Goal Planning & Strategy
  • Time Mastery.

To book your complimentary 30 minute Zoom sample coaching session, call Donna on 0411 622 666.  This includes a free business analysis.  Go on – make a change today!


Annelise Worn

Annelise Worn is a business strategist, marketing mentor, speaker and mother of 3 little ones. Determined to provide a way for small business owners to get affordable access to expert marketers, she founded the Marketing Mentor Program in 2019.

CEO of a highly successful marketing agency for tradies ‘Custom Build Marketing’, and with a background in leadership and wellbeing, Annelise has a unique spectrum of experience that informs and filters through her work.
Annelise supports women to transform their business to discover the profit and freedom they started it to achieve. Her true passion lies in developing and implementing efficient, effective, high converting marketing strategies that actually move the needle.
A featured expert across multiple forms of media and events both in Australia and Internationally, Annelise shares her insight via a live weekly video show, ‘The Social Marketing Method’, as well as on the Mumstyle Business podcast. 
What’s the Marketing Mentor Program?
Imagine a team of world class marketers working on your business. 

This could be true for you, tomorrow. In our program, you get hands on support from our professional marketing team – without the usual price tag.
** No more fluffing without a clear strategy
** No more throwing money down the drain
** No need to waste hundreds hours downloading freebies trying to figure it all out


Whether you’re struggling to make your website look professional, wasting too much money on Google Ads or want to test out Facebook Ads – you probably need a 1:1 conversation with someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, and actually wants to help you.

We created a program that isn’t just a course or a whole heap of online marketing resources (but we do include those). We wanted to create a solution to your problem. You’re not getting the results you want, which means that predictable, scalable revenue is just a pipe dream.

The Marketing Mentor Program is the ultimate solution. We provide practical marketing assistance when you need it. We make your marketing WORK.


This is our actual marketing team getting inside your business to provide advice that’s going to get you results.

IG: @annelise.worn

Rise Local

We elevate your business.

Is your goal to massively grow your trade business?

Then you need the right partners in place to help carry the load.

Growing businesses are great fun. They are also hard work.

Business owners need to juggle marketing, sales, customer service, staff hiring and training, service delivery, finance, administration, payroll, equipment and on and on it goes.

We take marketing off your plate. We deliver predictable growth in leads so that you can focus on everything else you need to do in a fast growing business.

Predictable growth in leads means you can have confidence to hire and train staff, knowing that you will have work for them.

It means you can invest in additional equipment and vehicles.

You can hire customer service reps to handle the higher call volume.

A larger business may mean moving to a larger premises, hiring managers, implementing new systems.

It all begins with growth in the volume of leads.

Rise Local specialise in lead generation for Australian trades businesses. We have a proven system for connecting with your market, driving people to your website and converting visitors into leads and jobs.

Check out our Growth Tips for ideas you can implement in your business right now.

Website –

Facebook –

Reviews from our clients:

“Rise Local was recommended to us. We had seen their results for another plumbing company and wanted to achieve the same. We found the transparency and level of information that they provided, from the moment of their initial presentation up until now, has been extremely high.”

  • Sid Curran, General Manager, Curran Plumbing

“Rise Local has been integral to shaping the marketing for our business. Our digital presence is vital and without it we would not survive”

  • David Mikkelsen, Owner, Fluid Plumbing
Inseek Identity

InSeek Identity is a design and social agency known for its modern design style. They help small trade businesses grow their reputation and reach more clients online.

Through their simple and easy to understand packages they take over the process of transforming your business and make it a fun experience at the same time. 

Their main services include:

– Social media management

– Websites

– Branding

– Graphic Design

– They also specialise in courses and digital done-for-you templates to nail your trade business on social media.

Download their FREE ebook “A month of Tradie content posts” specifically for tradies via their website!

Book in for a FREE consultation so they can point you in the right direction and map out what your business needs.

Tradies Social Media Course: