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The Footprint Group provides outsourced HR services small to medium businesses throughout Australia, consider us your trusted partner in Human Resources, people engagement and management and business friendly recruitment solutions.

As a multi award-winning Australian based business we provide tailored, flexible and proactive solutions to minimise risk in your business and maximise the performance, productivity and potential of your people, processes and compliance practices.

One of our most valuable service offerings is the Your People Powered Business Membership, which is a low cost monthly subscription specifically designed for businesses who don’t have, want or need an internal HR Manager.

Your People Powered Business helps you to gain the knowledge, tools and resources to handle anything to do with your team. It is led by our Director, Kristy-Lee Billett, who calls on her 20 + years of experience working with SME’s to provide practical, hands on and relevant advice, support and resources to our members.

Whether you are looking to outsource your HR function entirely or need support with finding, engaging and leading your team or if you have a one off urgent people problem to solve, we’re here to help.

The Footprint Group is Founded and Directed by Kristy-Lee Billett, an industry leader and recognised expert in her field. Driven by her passion to see businesses succeed by having the right people in the right roles at the right time, Kristy-Lee adopts a proactive, holistic approach when partnering with a business.

Kristy-Lee has worked in the field of HR and recruitment since 1999. She holds undergraduate qualifications in Psychology, a Masters in Human Resource Management, is an Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.

Kristy-Lee’s dedication to exceptional results in her field has been rewarded with a number of personal and business accolades. She was named the Central Coast Business Woman of the Year in 2012 and won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the NSW Business Chamber State Awards in 2013 after winning the same title at regional level.

Above all here is what Kristy-Lee values most
“I honestly believe that you can’t have a business that gives you the financial success and the freedom you desire, without the right team. I want to support business owners to build and manage teams that don’t keep them up at night, that drive results and that allow them to take a holiday whenever they want to.”


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Tradies HR


If the HR administration side of your business is absorbing too much of your time and energy, we can help. Speak directly to a real person – you don’t get an “online help” call centre that gives you generic information.

On-demand, tailored phone and email HR help for issues like performance management, pay rates and Award advice.

We provide monthly packages and one-off services like employment contracts, HR policies and ad hoc HR advice, support and projects, DiSC profiling and training services.

If you’re not ready for paid services but need HR resources, check out our online resource:

We can also arrange face to face White Card training in NSW.

Workplace Rehabilitation Management

Workers’ compensation can be confusing, time consuming and stressful – for everyone! 

What most time-poor business owners don’t realise is that they can access a free service to manage your claims and get your injured employee back on the tools.

We are an accredited injury management provider and iCare pay us to manage your workers comp claims. Our expert team of qualified health professionals have been helping employers manage their workers comp claims for over 20 years. 

We help people recover and return to work after an injury, and we support the employer through the process. We make sure that the worker gets the right treatment at the right time and returns to work. You can get on with business knowing that your employee is in good hands.

A lot of business owners make two huge mistakes when it comes to workers comp.

  1. They don’t report the injury and just pay the costs out of their own pocket. This is not only illegal, but also pointless. You pay your premium, so why wouldn’t you let insurance pay the expenses? 
  2. They manage the claim themselves. Why would you do this when you can call in an expert – at no cost to you – and have us manage it all for you, so you can get on with your day-job?

We can answer all your questions, and we deal with the insurer so you don’t have to. 

Let us take the workload from your desk so you can get on with running your business.




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Strawberry Seed Consulting

With two parents that ran their own small business, our Director, Carli Saw, saw firsthand the difficulties they faced.

When she took the plunge to start her business in 2013, she wanted to bring her HR experience to small businesses that don’t have in house HR but still have the same issues when managing their people.

At Strawberry Seed Consulting, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients. Every day, our team (some of whom are Tradie Wives!) feel privileged to share our knowledge and expertise to help others.

We are honest, transparent, supportive, and genuinely care for the people who come to us for professional advice. Our team enjoy working with small business owners who want to treat their employees fairly and set up their HR processes to successfully manage their people in a way that sustains their business. We speak to you in a language you understand, without the technical jargon.

Our HR clients range from a sole trader hiring their first employee right through to medium-sized organisations looking for assistance with specific HR projects. As a trusted advisor to their business, we get to know the business owner and their team, offering a personalised service when they need it.

We provide support across four main areas:

  • Compliance – We ensure that our clients are getting the basics right around managing their people, including contracts of employment, award interpretation and benchmarking, and HR policies, systems and procedures.
  • Growth – Advice and support with workforce planning, job design, position descriptions, recruitment and onboarding of staff.
  • Performance – Delivery of training and development, performance management systems and advice on increasing the performance of your people.
  • Fire Fighting – Support in the management of tricky day-to-day HR issues. From basic questions on how to manage leave through to terminations and everything in between, we are the right advice at the right time whenever our clients have an HR related

We provide once-off ad hoc advice through to ongoing support packages, customised to the size and complexity of the business. Our current clients come from across Australia, working with industries including building and trade, retail, hospitality, allied health, professional services, and disability support.

As every business is unique, we book an obligation free initial meeting with all new clients (over coffee or video) to provide you with a customised proposal specific to your business needs.






Positive HR


Established in 2018, Positive HR offers a fresh take to the HR consulting and HR outsourcing industry. Director Jessica Bilston-Gourley has established a business and team built on the overarching philosophy, that is, to lead with enthusiasm. HR is about building high-quality and trusted partnerships at all levels of an organisation—big or small.

In 2017, Jessica received the LinkedIn Power Profile – Top 5 HR Professionals on LinkedIn across Australia. Since then she has continuously been seeking ways to challenge status quo in HR and reinvent the wheel. Jessica’s attitude and determination has lead to her being the Co-Convenor of AHRI Emerging Leaders Committee in 2019 and again in 2020.

Working with Positive HR, you’ll feel confident in knowing that our expertise and support will develop HR initiatives that foster a connected company culture. Positive HR focuses on small to medium-sized businesses and commits to the promise of offering a service that’s tailored to suit your organisation’s needs and one that is flexible and cost-effective. From HR set up, consulting, remote and on-site outsourcing, to performance and development strategy; investigations and grievances, our services promise to bring out your company’s best!

Our Values

Collaborate – We believe that real success happens through collaborative business partnerships. It’s why collaboration is at the forefront of every interaction we have and encouraged within the organisations we work with. It means we’re all in this together, and we value what everyone brings to the table.

Deliver Value – Positive HR is committed to excellence. We appreciate your business and take great pride in understanding your vision, goals and objectives in order to deliver value. We’ll always go above and beyond to ensure your experience is a positive one, and strive to innovate and offer the latest in HR continuously.

Be Supportive – We believe that support shapes the path of business success. We know that for change to happen within any workplace, a welcoming and supportive environment is crucial. When you work with Positive HR, you’ll feel supported from start to finish. We’re with you all the way.

Be Transparent – We strive to be transparent in all that we do. Our team are committed to providing a professional service that keeps you in the loop across all business interactions. We ensure you’re well informed across each project.

Educate & Mitigate – We believe education is a powerful tool to ignite transformation within any organisation. We recognise that when people are well-informed, they are open to riding the wave of change. That openness fosters trust and cooperation from everyone involved.

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Stone Business Coaching

Donna provides Business Coaching services Australia wide using her 30+ years’ experience and formal qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Training & Management.  She specialises in serviced based businesses including trade businesses, whether it’s starting, growing, expanding or rescuing a business.  For more than 30 years she’s worked with tradies, builders and construction professionals on:

  • Money & Finances
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Systems & Processes
  • Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Goal Planning & Strategy
  • Time Mastery.

To book your complimentary 30 minute Zoom sample coaching session, call Donna on 0411 622 666.  This includes a free business analysis.  Go on – make a change today!