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We help Subcontractors manage their contracts with their Builders and get paid. Here’s how we do it: THE SUBBIES’ TOOLBOX MEMBERSHIP Using commercial smarts and proper contract administration systems, our Subbies’ Toolbox Members enjoy repeat ongoing work with their perfect clients. If you are growing your revenue you’re probably (without realising it) also growing your risk. But what if I told you there was a way to avoid that? The Subbies’ Toolbox Membership is a monthly membership with ongoing support, and plenty of access to Michelle Cirson, Construction Lawyer and Director of Tricks of Y our Trade. DONE FOR YOU CONTRACT REVIEWS Does your builder’s contract have some nasty teeth? Sending it to a lawyer for a re view will likely cost you $2 – $3k upfront, and they’ll probably tell you not to sign the contract if it’s “too risky”, or they’ll draft you a bunch of special conditions or redraft clauses your builder will never accept. We have a better way. We show you which clauses you can work around, and which to push back on. We help you negotiate changes with your builder in a common sense, everyday bloke way. And when you sign the contract, you’ll get a full suite of bespoke notices ready to administer the contract the right way.

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Running a tradie business is tough, especially with so many legal requirements.  Frequently, tradies and their support teams feel like they are flying blind, not knowing exactly what all the rules are.

Unfortunately, often it takes a dispute to happen for the oversight to be realised and by that stage it is also often too late for tradies or their lawyers to go back and fix anything. 

Almost every year in Queensland, we have seen major law changes that affect how tradies run their businesses and what should be in their terms.  

And that’s just talking about the law! Over the last 2020 COVID year and into 2021, we had so many changes and impacts in the construction industry.  Trade terms need to change and develop too so that they can protect you from new risks.  

I know what you are thinking – how could a small tradie business possibly do that?

Well, that’s what TradeBox is designed to do; basically, to help tradies succeed with updated trade terms, without being crippled by legal fees.

TradeBox is not a law firm.  Instead, we hire Aitchison Reid Building and Construction Lawyers to craft and update TradeBox’s trade terms and guidance, and we’ve asked their director Fionna C Aitchison Reid (in the picture above) to be our voice too on TradieWives.  TradeBox sells trade terms on 12-month subscriptions to tradies. Subscriptions start from just $19/month.

TradeBox trade terms are unique because our terms:

  • work with any quoting system, such as MYOB, Xero, Fergus, Tradify, Simpro or Microsoft Excel or Word;
  • are personalised with your logo and address details;
  • are crafted to deal with issues tradies face;
  • can be customised with trade schedules (plumbing, landscaping etc) and specific clauses schedules (PPSR, variable amounts etc);
  • are provided as a hosted online link and a PDF document; 
  • are updated regularly at no extra cost;
  • are fully compliant with QBCC requirements;
  • include for no extra cost personalised process documents for domestic building; 
  • are easy to use (our domestic building schedule is only 3 pages long).

Currently, we provide commercial and domestic building trade terms for Queensland.

Here’s what a customer says about us:

“In our minds TradeBox is a must for all contractors and subcontractors.  The hosted platform is perfect for those businesses that do not have internal legal personnel and ensures that they can always be up to date with current legal requirements whilst remaining open and transparent in their dealings with clients…

…we always have up to date trading terms written by a highly qualified team with vast experience in the construction industry for less than the price of a cup of coffee.”

Rhianna Coupar, Certified Roofing.


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