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By providing a software product that increases interaction between all employees and management, enabling real time access to vital information whilst enhancing the focus on safety in the workplace.

Understanding that there was a need to provide a software product which better enabled companies better manage their Work, Health & Safety systems more efficiently and effectively. We then set out to build our cloud-based software called Safetyminder.

Safetyminder has been developed to enable all companies to actively include all team members in the process of managing day to day requirements of Work Health & Safety. Covering every aspect Safetyminder provides the owners of companies the “peace of mind” that they are compliant with their requirements and that the safety of their team is top of mind for the whole team.

Safetyminder covers the Administrative, Injury & Incident Management, Asset Management and Training through the 30 plus registers ensuring you have every area is up to date as required. The key component of Safetyminder is our interactive mobile app, allowing your team in the field to complete tasks and update personal information. Safetyminder’s notification system ensures the all team members are aware of their responsibilities and complete required tasks by required deadlines. We have also included in our software other aspects not directly required but enable users to have immediate access to such information as First Treatments, WH&S Legislation, Equipment Manuals & Safety Data sheets. Safetyminder’s leave calendar enables companies to track and manage all leave request sent in from your team.

In addition to the above we also have totally customisable SWMS and JSA’s using our proprietary (and integrated) SmartForms software.  Virtually any document can now be digitised and therefore customised to your requirements, complete with the ability to have multiple sign-offs (on different devices)

Shared Plant and Equipment is another feature which allows you easily remotely book equipment and collect knowing it will be available (and in good working condition) When booking, collecting and  returning equipment QR codes can be utilised for easy loading of equipment details.  If the equipment requires specific licenses to operate it checks against the booking users qualifications to ensure they have the relevant (and current) licenses

Safetyminder has several versions available. Starting at our entry level version for small business and up to our Premium version for larger businesses operating across multiples states and have a platform for managing your sub-contractors.





Whether you prefer desktop or mobile, FieldPulse was created to save tradies time and money. We make it easy to avoid endless paperwork so you can concentrate on what you do best.

We offer industry-leading customer service with our dedicated local support team, available when you need them most. Plus, we have staff in the US as well – so if you’re an early riser, someone will always be available to help you!

FieldPulse is the preferred job management software of Reece and while we care about our shared customers – we also have features to support all trades, not just plumbing.

Our features have been designed specifically for the needs of small to medium trade businesses. We have highlighted a few favourites below.

Team Schedule

With FieldPulse you can create and assign jobs with predefined service templates and entry forms. Multiple schedule views range from daily agendas, to map plots, and everything in between.

Quoting and Invoicing

Easily manage your time with itemised quotes that transfer to invoices with the click of a button. Know your profit margin from the get go and get paid on time.

Customer Communications

Impress customers at every job you take on. Send templated emails and text messages directly to customers. Your customers will love the appointment confirmation emails, reminders and estimated arrival times – sent straight from your mobile.


Built specifically for Australian Plumbers, the pricebook allows users to quickly and easily showcase prices for service offerings, including materials, and add them into a quote or invoice with just a tap.

If you’re interested in learning more, book a demo today!

Don’t take our word for how great we think we are, here is what some of our customers have said:

“Since using FIeldPulse, I reckon our efficiency has gone up 20%. Now the boys do the work without even calling me because it’s all scheduled in their calendar.”

–          Mark, Halliburton Plumbing and Gas


“Organisation is the hardest thing ever. FieldPulse cut my day down heaps. Scheduling, and just organisation, has made it so much easier.”

–          Matt, MDB Plumbing


Watch what Matt says here.

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End-to-end job management software for tradies looking to streamline their operations

Everything to run your trade or service business and more

AroFlo is a powerful cloud-based job management software designed for trade and service businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Packed full of customisable and intuitive features, AroFlo comes with everything you need to track jobs, schedule staff, record billable hours, order material, check compliance requirements, send invoices, take payments, and much more.

Being a highly scalable system, AroFlo can quickly adapt to suit your business requirements and is sure to become the most valuable tool in your business arsenal.


See how AroFlo can streamline and manage all aspects of your business from one location, helping you spend more time doing things you love. Request a tailored demo.

Tradiewives Exclusive Offer:

As a Tradiewives member, you will enjoy $250 off your Training and Support and $250 off a cloud-accounting integration* when you sign up today. Book your FREE tailored demo to secure this special offer.

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Hazard Co

Back in 2007, two tradies decided there was a time and a place for ‘she’ll be right’ – and it wasn’t on the construction site. A new approach and attitude towards health and safety on-site was needed – something simple that tradies could get on board with. That’s when HazardCo was born – built to make health and safety a breeze, not just for you, but for everyone on site.

Our world is digitally evolving. That means mountains of paperwork won’t keep the person at the top of the ladder safe, that’s why we’ve developed a way for you to digitally complete your health and safety – It’s what you need, when you need it…all from your back pocket!

Our simple to use App cuts out all the time-consuming parts of health and safety and improves worker engagement by allowing your trades to get back to what they do best…build – ultimately creating a safer and more productive worksite. It’s a win-win! HazardCo, health & safety made simple.

Tradify Job Management Software

Tradify job management software is the fastest, simplest and easiest way to run your trade business.

Trusted by more than 16,000 tradies, Tradify reduces admin time giving Australian trade business owners their nights & weekends back.


Job tracking & scheduling, quoting, invoicing, timesheets, task management, job notes (photos & video), job costing reports, online customer payments, syncing new work enquiries, automated follow ups on quotes & invoices, syncing with accounting systems (Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks), free setup & support + more.

Available on any device (desktop, iOS, Android), anytime, anywhere.

How to get started

Start a free trial (no credit card required), book a demo or give us a call on (02) 8310 7606 (AUS) / (09) 801 6072 (NZ) to chat with one of our team.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: AU: (02) 8310 7606 NZ: (09) 801 6072



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Use the code TRADIEWIVES to get 50% off the first 3 months of your Tradify subscription. Sign up today!



EazyWare is making it easier for you to get your home, garden & hardware supplies to your home or job site. 

With our simple to use mobile app, we are connecting you to your local stores where you can search for 1000’s of products and get them delivered in under an hour. 

Our mission is to help you get the job done sooner. Making it more efficient for you to stay on the job or at home completing your tasks, while we get your supplies delivered. That means…

  • no more inconvenient commutes to the hardware shop
  • queuing up and wasting your precious time
  • more time at home completing those DIY jobs with the kids or family  

EazyWare was developed by local Northern Beaches Tradies who know how frustrating it is to be so close to finishing a job only to run out of crucial supplies. With the EazyWare app, we give you instant access to thousands of specialist products that can be delivered straight to your home or job site, meaning you can focus on completing the job, saving you time and money. 

The easiest way to access the thousands of products from your pocket is to download our app. This is available on both the Apple or Google Play stores.

EazyWare is always adding more stores & more products, so if you have any requests for stores or products that you’d like to see on follow us on Instagram @Eazy.Ware  and send us a message. 


TradiePad is a technology training organisation built by tradies, for tradies. We help business owners understand how the right mobile devices and apps can transform their operations and deliver life-changing business efficiency and personal freedom.

We work with multiple leading software solutions and focus on making sure our clients have the right “tool for the job”.  Anyone that’s started to explore the range of options knows that it can be a real minefield out there. We solve this by working with you one on one to assess your business needs, advise you on the best devices, apps and accounting software to suit your operations, then set everything up and train you and your staff on how to use these powerful new tools of the trade.

Most importantly, TradiePad is fiercely independent of all of the software partners we work with, ensuring we only provide genuine, unbiased, expert advice. We take the pain and fear out of making the move to technology.

We provide full support and ongoing education for our clients so you’ll always have someone to call when you’re ready to throw your phone out the window! We will keep you up to date with the constantly changing world of technology. Think of us as your outsourced IT department or “nerds on call”.

About Us:

TradiePad was started by two plumbers who were working long hours, drowning in admin and paperwork and weren’t even sure whether they were making money on their jobs or not! They started looking for a way to make life better, simplify and streamline the way they worked, and get more stuff done during the day, rather than after hours when they just wanted to spend time with the family.

The idea was “There has to be a better way”, and when the first iPad was released in 2010, they saw an opportunity to shake up the industry and the way that all tradies work.

TradiePad is now Australia’s leading technology training organisation for the construction industry, recognised and supported by Apple, Xero, Quickbooks Online, Telstra and a swag of major software companies. We work closely with ServiceM8, Tradify, WorkflowMax, Ascora, AroFlo, simPRO, BuilderTrend, BuildXact and many others. We’ve now proudly helped thousands of tradies worldwide embrace technology and “the cloud” to run their operations.

Keen to learn more?

Book in an obligation free 15-minute call

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Pengwen Bookkeeping

Business description

  • Eager to improve your cash flow and know your budgets?
  • Falling behind with your finances – with yet another overdue BAS?
  • Working way to hard – and missing out on important family events and milestones?
  • Fed up with losing customer information – and carrying that heavy diary with bits of paper everywhere?
  • Over staff calling wondering which customer to see next?

“Running a business is easy,” said no one ever.

But with support from the experienced Australian-based team at Pengwen Bookkeeping, you can ensure the financial side of your business is under control and your work-flow easily managed.

We are a ServiceM8 partner and certified in Xero, MYOB and QBO as one size does not fit all, we custom a package to suit your needs.

We get that numbers aren’t your area of expertise. You would much rather spend your time on the parts of the business you love and are qualified to do. And spend any ‘free’ time with your loved ones. Get back to your ‘why’, together we can reach those goals.

Pengwen Bookkeeping is run by a qualified fitter n Turner (yes it was a long time ago) with Rolls Royce (Steam Turbines and Diesel engines for ships and power stations)  followed by extensive experience in purchasing and the supply and inventory chain.




Trade Trak

Trade Trak is a comprehensive job and business management app developed as an easy to use digital solution to help streamline any trade or service based business’ operations. Trade Trak can be used to help businesses stay on top of their operational needs.
Easily manage jobs and projects with quotes and invoices, receive and record payments in-app, use notes and tasks for communication, manage infield safety with SWMS and reports, and schedule your team – all from your phone. Trade Trak can be customised to suit any business’ needs, no matter how big or small, and costs just $1 per job.

Texts get opened. Business gets done. 

Podium is a communication platform that enables tradies with a local presence to conveniently connect with customers at critical touchpoints. From getting found online to winning repeat business, Podium powers every step. It’s the simplest way to gain reviews, gather insights, collect payments, capture leads and talk to customers in real­ time through text—all from a single inbox.

All the tools your business needs in one place.

Inbox: Centralise interactions, conveniently manage and respond to every message across multiple channels including Facebook, Google, Instagram, text messaging or even your website, all from one platform. You can even chat on the go with Podium’s mobile and desktop apps giving you the flexibility to communicate with your leads and customers from anywhere.

Reviews: Be the obvious choice for people who find you online. Stand out on the sites that matter by easily collecting hundreds of customer reviews. Show up where it matters, gather customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and tons of industry-specific review sites. By having a healthy ecosystem of current reviews, you’ll show up at the top of local search results, so new leads will find and choose you first. 

Webchat: Capture and convert leads better with Podium’s Webchat—with an easy-to-use button that connects you to your leads through text. With Webchat you’re not tied to a live chat on your computer, and neither are your customers. Answer questions, schedule appointments, and close deals with real, friendly interactions that are convenient for you and your customers.

Payments: Collect payments via text and get paid fast—all through text. Cut back on the wasted time and resources associated with gathering payments all by sending a simple link—no postage, no paper, no phone tag, no time at all. There’s no monthly cost, just pay a standard processing fee per transaction. 

Campaigns: Take advantage of text’s 98% open rate with SMS marketing campaigns that get a real response, and measurable results. Send marketing messages that feel conversational, the text thread is two-way, so the conversation can continue beyond the initial promo—improving engagement and winning you more business and loyalty. 

Feedback: Learn exactly what your customers love—or why they’re leaving—and get the answers you need to drive repeat business. Gather feedback through two quick, automated messages. No links, no lengthy surveys. 

See Podium in action. Watch a demo of Podium here.



For decades trades businesses have lost hundreds of hours a month managing jobs the hard way. Pen and paper job sheets, spreadsheets, emails and other offline tools and so on, creating nothing but headaches. They’re not only a huge cost to your business, but take time away from you doing the things you love with the people that matter.

That’s why we built Fergus, Job Software for tradies, to take that stress away. Fergus makes it easy to manage all your jobs from quoting through to collecting payment. 

Fergus is the brainchild of Dan Pollard, a Plumber by Trade. He dreamed it up while knee-deep in the trenches of running his own trades business. After going bust once and burning out once, Dan quickly realised that a trades business needs proper systems in place to keep it running – without running its owner into the ground. From there, Dan teamed up with Jordan, an Engineer and Fergus was born. With Fergus on the job, Dan was able to grow his business from 4 employees to 24 in less than 4 years.

With Fergus, all costs are associated with a job, so nothing slips through the cracks. Fergus integrates seamlessly with popular accounting tools like Xero and MYOB, as well as some of your favourite trades suppliers like Middy’s Electrical and Reece Plumbing.

We know that managing staff is challenging, but with the Fergus calendar there’s no more calling around, texting, or waiting for staff to get back into the office. Fergus uses simple drag and drop functionality to schedule staff to jobs and automatically lets them know where and when the next job is via the Mobile App.

On-site you can access all job details, add time entries, upload files and photos, complete necessary forms and checklists and add any labour and materials costs directly to the job. Fergus keeps your team connected and on the tools, leaving you to focus on the more important matters at hand.

Our team at Fergus are committed to making tradies’ lives better. Alongside free onboarding and training, our Fergus Tradehub boasts a range of free resources including product videos, webinar recordings and blogs with tips for trades business owners.

But don’t take our word for it. This year, Fergus has been awarded the “Most Recommended” and “Front Runners” badge in our category by Software Advice, as well as ‘Category Leaders’ by GetApp, platforms used to rank job management software based on customer reviews. @fergusapp (

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Click here to join a weekly product tour to see Fergus live.

Social links

Facebook: @fergusapp 

Instagram: @fergusapp 

Linkedin: @fergus 

Securely The Tradies App

Securely! the Tradies app addresses a $20 billion national problem (in Australia alone) of tradespeople not being correctly paid for the work that they do.

Securely! aims to create an easy-to-use app that tradies and sub-contractors can use to protect their payments from consumers. As a result, Securely! the Tradies app, now protects Tradies and their customers through a secure payment gateway portal.  With Securely! tradies know they will get paid and customers know a job will get done properly.

Like Airbnb or Uber, Securely! is an easy to use app where Securely! is the trusted middleman. A tradie simply uploads their quote sheet and Securely! reaches out to the customer, holds the signed agreement, and the money until the job is completed. Upon completion of the job, the customer is then asked if they are satisfied with the job and if so, authorises payment release to the tradie.

Securely! the Tradies app is completely free for the tradie to register and use and there are absolutely no hidden costs.

Securely! the Tradies app is committed to fair play when it comes to helping a job get done properly and making sure that Tradies get paid on time, every time.

The board is made up of seven individuals who have experienced the problem of having to chase payments for a completed work and is fairly represented by both male and female members.

Website link :

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Evolve-X is the perfect partner for any trade business wanting to move to a digital work platform.

We’re experts in business automation (we are also tradies!), and partner with a range of trades specific software platforms.

We are ServiceM8 specialists, and work with our customers to understand their unique business requirements.  We provide implementation, training and full side by side support through the adoption of new systems, and as well as, supporting our clients as their businesses grow, and evolve.

In short – we make adopting a job management system EASY, FAST, and pride ourselves on our exceptional service.