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Tamika Johnston Building Consulting and Coaching

My passion for the construction industry started at a young age. Initially with my own property investing and developing, and then owning my own construction business.

Having had the role of estimator, quality control officer, bookkeeper, accountant, marketing expert and sales person (breath), I experienced the same frustrations that every other builder that I have mentored, and spoken to also faces.

This led me to my vision which is to provide a high value, affordable program for builders – to assist them to create their own foundations for their business all in the one place. Including pricing, sales and sales psychology, budgets, processes and procedures – And much more.

In my own business I found that it was extremely difficult to find this information and it definitely wasn’t in the one place.

My curiosity to find a better way within our business started with a long search and many phone conversations with my friends who were builders. I would ask things like, “How much are you charging per square at the moment” and, “I am so frustrated! I’ve just spent hours and hours on a proposal and they’ve used my specifications to get another builder to quote!” were the general dialogue of such conversations.

After a long and frustrating search, eventually I found my first business mentor who put us on the right track.

My affiliation with the industry didn’t stop there. I was lucky enough to become a strategic business coach specialising in builders and trades and I continued along my journey – one in which I’m extremely passionate about.


With a background as a pilot, and a once medical school attendee, Candice discovered her passions lay elsewhere. This began her pursuit of assisting others in all areas marketing, lead generation and personal development.

She discovered that her passion for not only her own business but the businesses of others led her to develop her own coaching business specialising in coaching coaches.

Having coached well over 5000 hours in her own coaching business, Candice forms the other side of the Academy partnership by guiding our clients through funnels and ways to generate a more consistent lead base rather than the “feast or famine” method as what the construction industry is well renowned for.

Together Tamika and Candice believe that they can change the industry. To create an enjoyable and sustainable business across all facets of not only business, but their clients lives.

Stone Business Coaching

Donna provides Business Coaching services Australia wide using her 30+ years’ experience and formal qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Training & Management.  She specialises in serviced based businesses including trade businesses, whether it’s starting, growing, expanding or rescuing a business.  For more than 30 years she’s worked with tradies, builders and construction professionals on:

  • Money & Finances
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Systems & Processes
  • Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Goal Planning & Strategy
  • Time Mastery.

To book your complimentary 30 minute Zoom sample coaching session, call Donna on 0411 622 666.  This includes a free business analysis.  Go on – make a change today!


Small Fish Business Coaching

Small Fish Business Coaching is business coaching for tradies and builders. We’re called Small Fish because we are a small fish and we work with small fishes too – small fishes that want to grow a bit bigger and stronger.

It’s a specific kind of business coaching – it’s for trades businesses that are wanting to put the systems and structure in place to grow their businesses properly. You’ll grow from a small and unstructured business to a larger and much more structured and systematic one. How much larger is up to you – you’ll be too big a fish for us at some point.

The structure is about building a business where you (the tradie and the wife – the management team) can grow your business without the two of you just having to take on more work yourselves. It’s about hiring people and giving them the systems so they can do their jobs well, without needing supervision and help from you all the time.

The ultimate goal is a beautiful business that does great work (and keeps your customers happy), where happy and engaged team members are doing their jobs well, productively and without much of you, where the leaders are enjoying some work-life balance and running the business, not stuck in the guts of it doing everything.

If you work with us, you’ll write a strategy for your trade business – you’ll decide what you want it to become and make this plan for how to get there. And we’ll help you implement your plan.

The plan will be based around the structure I’m about to describe:

  • Marketing – you’ll build a marketing machine that brings a steady flow of leads (it FINDS the work)
  • Sales – you’ll build a sales machine that converts leads into jobs consistently and with great margins (it WINS work)
  • Operations – you’ll build an operations machine that completes jobs to standard, on-time and on budget, with minimal call-backs, using systems and training and accountability. (it DOES the work)
  • Back Office – you’ll build a back office machine that handles all the admin and makes sure everything runs like clockwork – without the two of you having to do everything yourselves, too. You’ll understand your numbers and make sure the business makes money. (it’s the GLUE that holds everything together)
  • You – you’ll manage yourselves as you make these changes and build the machines – changing roles as you grow your business, your fears and control issues (!), you’ll focus on the right work and do less of the wrong work, get off the tools as much as possible, prioritise better and get control instead of being controlled by work.
  • Your Team – you’ll invest in them – hire well, lead them well, manage them well and set a great culture, so they want to help you grow the business and so they know what you need them to do to make that happen.

What to do:

Watch the videos in the Tradies Wives Facebook Group

Download our ‘Know Your Numbers Workbook’ – and learn the numbers you should be tracking in your business.

Attend a Tools Down Workshop (tickets are doubles, so 1 ticket covers both of you, they are on a weekend so you can get away from work and enjoy some time working ON your business)

Book a 10-minute chat with me (Jon) to start the process of deciding if coaching with Small Fish is the right thing for you right now.

The Epiphany Group

Everyone wants to see their business prosper. But how can you capture new opportunities when you’re burning out to keep the lights on?

We promise your Success Story.

Who we are

The Epiphany Group is a collective of dedicated industry professionals with a common goal of helping companies, like yours, achieve business and career growth.

What we do

We offer executive coaching, strategic planning, succession planning and board advisory services. By working with us, you will gain clarity on the current position of your business, understand where you want to be, and access the resources and assets to get there.

We offer practical solutions to common problems business owners face as they grow. From HR, Marketing and Systems Development to Compliance; we give you the tools, assets, and coaching you need to scale your business. And our outsourced model offers competitive rates.

We provide quality industry training with a focus on actionable, practical application through our Registered Training Organisation, The Change Network. We deliver these tailored, nationally accredited courses onsite. Our whole business approach aligns all employees, irrespective of their role, with the latest knowledge in leadership and operations management simultaneously.

How we do it

We are the only business consulting company that starts at the top with strategy and then embeds critical drivers in your business with Marketing, HR and Systems support packages.

Our holistic approach drives growth.

We train to transform because we know transforming people transforms businesses.

If you’re serious about growth, book a free 15-minute consultation today.


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Tradies in Business

Are you sick of the gut busting cycle of working in your business instead of on your business?

Warrick Bidwell and Nicole Cox (or Waz and Nic) have been working with trade business owners for more than 10 years… supporting them to implement the necessary steps to get ‘off the tools’ and into true business ownership.

More importantly, Waz and Nic both come from trade backgrounds themselves so they have real-world experience in the frustrations, challenges, opportunities and stuff-ups that are the reality of what life is like for #tradiesinbusiness!

Simply click below to claim your FREE Get Off The Tools guide to get started!


Join our FREE Facebook group


Trade Advisory Group

Trade Advisory Group was formed by real trade business professionals that identified a gap in the market to provide experience-based business assistance to business owners in the trade sector. You will benefit from dealing with proven advisors that have decades of experience in owning and running successful trade businesses. Trades have specific challenges that other businesses do not, Trade Advisory Group understand this and know what is required to operate more efficiently, minimise mistakes, maximize profits, and create less stress.

Trade Advisory Group helps you look at your business differently. We get involved with you, examining the specifics that other advisors or accountants may not. We focus on aspects that are unique to running a trade business, like variations, changes in scope, locking in and negotiating with suppliers, implementing project cost controls to track profitability, and improving job procedures.

We partner with trade business owners at all stages of their lifecycle, from those just starting out, to established businesses eager to grow, right through to owners wanting an effective exit strategy. Wherever you’re at with your business growth journey, Trade Advisory Group has the expertise and skill set to equip you with the tools, strategies, and processes you need to achieve your goals.


Trade Business Success

We know that tradie wives are often the backbone of the business, holding it all together, staying on top of the things their husbands are too busy (or forget!) to do, keeping back-end operations running smoothly, ALL THE WHILE, managing to STILL take care of the kids, household, and continue with their own careers.

This is no small feat.

And it’s usually where overwhelm tends to kick in… You get stuck struggling to achieve the lifestyle that you and your partner likely went into business for in the first place!

The hustling. The late nights. The long hours. Always looking for ways to help, improve, and move things forward… but there can be so many questions and challenges, with little information available to help.

At Trade Business Success, we are a specialist group of trade business coaches that work with plumbing, electrical and other trade-based businesses to help them make more money, get back their time and ultimately build a business that works for them.

Far from ‘cookie cutter’, we provide strategic direction, actionable advice, and act as your sounding board to discuss ideas, problems and challenges, with your best interest at heart – helping you with marketing, sales, pricing, financial management, systems, teams, technology and much, much more.

Visit to learn more.



Designher Builder

Ange Scott from Designher Builder specialise in helping builders wives reinforce their families Custom Home Building Businesses.

I’m an expert in helping other women in the building industry support their husbands in building a Profitable Custom Home Building Businesses that fuels your family’s lifestyle instead of consuming it.

I’m a Multi-Award-Winning Owner of a Custom Home Building Business, show host, coach, mentor and a trusted advisor for the Master Builder’s Queensland and I have been in the industry for over 30 years.

During that time my husband and I have made a lot of costly mistakes and a lot of very profitable progress which means I am able to identify problems fast and recognise major opportunities for growth

I would like to be able to share with you, so you don’t suffer or make the mistakes we did, but so you can course corrections immediately by using the secrets, my husband and I have implemented in our business, so you to can create a thriving Building Business.

I clearly remember the tough times and getting to a point in my business where I felt like I was asking myself, “What the heck am I doing wrong”. Only to find that the common solution, was just to add more people, which only increased my costs and if I did that, I too, would succeed.

I could sense this advice wasn’t correct!

I was drowning in never-ending priorities and constantly putting out fires. I felt anxious and overwhelmed because I didn’t know how to fix the problem.

I was signing up any client that wanted to give me money, I was scared to say NO! I wanted the security of knowing where the money was coming from.

I became so fixated on the money that I forgot about the client’s needs, became lazy with my paperwork & compliance…..bad move!

It was draining my energy, focus, bank account & my attention.

I lost sight of why we had even started our business & I went from absolutely loving what we were building to questioning absolutely everything! I even though about closing our business and going to work for someone else

Until I realized I needed to focus my attention on 6 specific frameworks.

So if you are ready to put all of the stress, overwhelm and insecurities behind you and you are ready to secure and grow a Building Business that will fuel your lifestyle contact Designher Builder to get the simple step-by-step processes to creating and securing a clear path to Custom Home Building Success.

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Profitable Tradie

Hey Tony here, founder of Profitable Tradie.

We specialise in turning great Plumbers, Electricians and other Tradies into great business owners by improving their systems & structure, improving profit and getting their time under control.

You see, the sad truth is that 87% of Trades Business owners don’t make a business profit. Yep 87%! They’re taking home somewhere around $70,000 to $100,000 a year which is about the same as they could get working on the tools for someone else – but without the headaches!

It’s a far cry from the dreams that lured them into starting their own business in the first place (something along the lines of “being my own boss, earning more money, driving a flash car and taking more time off!!”)

Over the past 11 years we’ve coached over 1354 Plumbing, Electrical and Trade Businesses to turn their companies into systemised and profitable machines.

We’ve found the 3 biggest frustrations of NZ & AUS Plumbers & Electricians is hiring GOOD staff, fighting the constant invoicing and paperwork headaches and being able to make a decent profit and keep the cash rolling in.

We’ve learnt the best systems and tools to overcome these headaches and now I want to share them with you.

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Electrician & Plumber Accelerator

Electrician & Plumber Accelerator is a coaching and training program designed for electrical & plumbing business owners looking for a proven sales and marketing system to attract those high profit, service, and maintenance jobs on-demand with predictability.
We provide the support, personal coaching, and tools they need to reach their sales goals whilst becoming more productive and efficient enabling a strong work/life balance.
Electricians & Plumbers who have been coached and mentored by us have gone on to build profitable high 6 figure and 7 figure electrical & plumbing businesses and dominate their local areas.
The program materials are available online via mobile and desktop with videos, worksheets & step by step actions for each of the modules.

At BLD|ACDMY we work with small and mid-sized businesses to help them make quick and measurable progress towards their business goals. You will see the results of our programs in your business as you complete them.

We know that small business owners don’t need any more content – instead it’s all about knowing what action you can take in your business to really make progress.

We will give you just the right amount of content and knowledge at the right time to help you take the next step.

Our Business Accelerator programs are all built around the topics that build the foundations of a better business. From sales, to business planning and understanding your finances, our programs are practical, easy to follow and action-based.

Each program contains 5 x 20-minute actions, that you can complete over 5 days. Our Accelerators are designed with the busy business owner in mind. Each step includes:

  • A concise background to the action
  • A short easy to digest video from our expert in the core area of the Accelerator program
  • A guided 20-minute action plan

Our customers have told us that they feel as if they are talking directly to the expert and that from the very first bite-sized action they can see measurable progress towards growing their business.

Whether you are looking to improve your sales, know your customer, hone your recruitment skills, arm yourself to be cyber security conscious or revamp your social media, BLD|ACDMY will have a program to suit your needs!

BLD|ACDMY programs will help you succeed by rounding out your passion and experience with the practical foundations of building a better business.

Bridging the gap between knowledge and action fuels us!

If you would like to learn more about our Business Accelerators contact Sarah at [email protected]


Act. Solve. Grow.






Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi (MO) works exclusively with trades businesses to implement, optimise and maintain their job management software. MO was established as a means of supporting trades businesses to grow and scale their business, in an area they’ve likely had little to no exposure. Dedicated to automating and streamlining trades businesses, MO implements the right systems alongside strong processes. With a hands-on approach, the team at MO work to closely understand your business, ensuring you’re using the right system, the right way.

Focused on delivering our niche service at an exceptional standard, we offer three core services:

1. System Optimisation

Living up to one of our 3 uniques, MO is different to a software trainer, in the fact we reverse engineer – we identify your exact business requirements before we implement or optimise your job management to suit your needs. this allows us to make very clear and precise recommendations on how to optimise the software system to suit your business. We work with the entire team to make system resets, support change management, and of course provide training. We also develop and provide clear workflow maps to ensure the new process can be very easily followed by both existing and new employees.

So, if you’re using a job management software (for example, simPRO, Fergus, FieldInsight, Geo, ServiceM8), we will work to understand your business before making recommendations on core optimisations you should implement.

2. System Maintenance

All job management systems require upkeep and ongoing maintenance. We work behind the scenes to update supplier catalogues, employee overhead costs, build forms and assist with ongoing system setup or data migration. We also alert you when new features hit the market that we know you’ll need and love!

3. Job Management System Implementation and Additional Training

If you’re brand new to software in your business, or you know your current system is holding you back – we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to understand your specific business requirements, before we help you choose a software option that’s right for your business.

We have trialled and tested the latest and greatest, as well as the old and reliable, to ensure we know which system suits which business.

So whether you’re looking for a new job management software, or you know you need to learn some new skills, MO offers system implementation and training to ensure you continue to get the most value out of your system.


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Lifestyle Tradie Group Pty Ltd

Do you want to STOP the late nights staying up doing paperwork?

Are you frustrated at not earning more money based on the effort you put into your business?

Have you ever said ‘there must be a better way to run my trade business?’
Well there is.
Multi-award winning couple, Andy & Ange Smith from Lifestyle Tradie have helped thousands of trade business owners fast-track success through earning more money, gaining back time, and basically getting their life back through their live events and membership program.
Click the link below to claim your FREE TradieWives ticket to their next live event…


FAQ Business Training

FAQ Business Training was founded by Jane Tweedy, with a mission to educate and empower small business owners to DIY or outsource with confidence through accurate, topical training. Jane started FAQ Business after hearing many stories from the 1400+ plus business owners she has worked with one-on-one as a NSW Government Funded Business Connect Advisor. Too many stories involved clients being ripped off or ripping themselves off, because of what they didn’t know.

FAQ Business Training loves to help level the playing field and works with businesses who are doing the right thing do it right! We provide real-world solutions to your real-world problems. Textbook learning simply doesn’t cut it!

Feedback from our sessions reflects our passion for helping small businesses to succeed:

“Jane you were brilliant, I am now so inspired and will be spruiking you to everyone. Many thanks.” – Amanda (online business webinar)

“Engaging, informative, fun and professionally delivered .. this was hands down the best webinar I have followed on digital marketing! Thank you, Jane!” – Petra (low cost marketing webinar)

“Well attending this session was a long shot – and I’m very glad I did. Thanks so much for your time and sharing your wisdom!” Brian (quoting webinar)

“Jane, thank you so much. Great engagement with attendees. Great content and importantly … you made SENSE!! Thank you!” – Leanne (pricing webinar)

What we offer:

  •  Free and paid training sessions (online and in person)
  • Resources – guides, fact sheets, checklists .
  • Implementation via small group coaching/training
  • Podcast coming soon!
  • Online school –

About our Founder and Lead Trainer Jane Tweedy

Jane is a lifelong learner with numerous qualifications, who applies her knowledge and years of experience. Jane loves seeing businesses grow to healthy new levels.

Jane has a passion for helping small business owners succeed with a background encompassing corporate, volunteering and small business experience. Jane’s corporate background covered investment analytics, people leadership, training, business management, sales and client service. Volunteering includes being a Board Director of a local Bendigo Community Bank company.

This vast experience is supported by an accumulation of theoretical knowledge with a Master of Applied Finance, Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, Certificate IV’s in Business and Personal Coaching, Small Business Management, and Training and Assessment. With Jane’s diverse background, she provides training, coaching and advice across many areas, and gains great satisfaction from helping small business owners succeed.

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