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Real Balance Business Consulting

At Real Balance we have a single-minded determination to help our clients set and realise their goals. Helping our clients experience growth and realise their “success” is our greatest reward… Leading your growth with confidence, driving your goals toward success.

We enjoy partnering business owners, in helping them find freedom in life and in business. We are a CPA and Public Practice Certificate business, headed by a registered BAS Agent with over 25 years “ín business” experience as a financial controller, CFO and management accountant to our clients businesses.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Certified Advisors: Xero, Quickbooks Online, and MYOB
  • Fixed Fee Services: weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • GST and Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Payroll/Superannuation
  • Profit and Loss analysis – Interpreting your business numbers story
  • Management reporting
  • Part time or Casual CFO support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cashflow projections and forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Understanding your ATO obligations
  • Mentoring

We want you to be confident in making better business decisions.

We offer remote services and service clients Australia wide.

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Trade Business Success

We know that tradie wives are often the backbone of the business, holding it all together, staying on top of the things their husbands are too busy (or forget!) to do, keeping back-end operations running smoothly, ALL THE WHILE, managing to STILL take care of the kids, household, and continue with their own careers.

This is no small feat.

And it’s usually where overwhelm tends to kick in… You get stuck struggling to achieve the lifestyle that you and your partner likely went into business for in the first place!

The hustling. The late nights. The long hours. Always looking for ways to help, improve, and move things forward… but there can be so many questions and challenges, with little information available to help.

At Trade Business Success, we are a specialist group of trade business coaches that work with plumbing, electrical and other trade-based businesses to help them make more money, get back their time and ultimately build a business that works for them.

Far from ‘cookie cutter’, we provide strategic direction, actionable advice, and act as your sounding board to discuss ideas, problems and challenges, with your best interest at heart – helping you with marketing, sales, pricing, financial management, systems, teams, technology and much, much more.

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FAQ Business Training

FAQ Business Training was founded by Jane Tweedy, with a mission to educate and empower small business owners to DIY or outsource with confidence through accurate, topical training. Jane started FAQ Business after hearing many stories from the 1400+ plus business owners she has worked with one-on-one as a NSW Government Funded Business Connect Advisor. Too many stories involved clients being ripped off or ripping themselves off, because of what they didn’t know.

FAQ Business Training loves to help level the playing field and works with businesses who are doing the right thing do it right! We provide real-world solutions to your real-world problems. Textbook learning simply doesn’t cut it!

Feedback from our sessions reflects our passion for helping small businesses to succeed:

“Jane you were brilliant, I am now so inspired and will be spruiking you to everyone. Many thanks.” – Amanda (online business webinar)

“Engaging, informative, fun and professionally delivered .. this was hands down the best webinar I have followed on digital marketing! Thank you, Jane!” – Petra (low cost marketing webinar)

“Well attending this session was a long shot – and I’m very glad I did. Thanks so much for your time and sharing your wisdom!” Brian (quoting webinar)

“Jane, thank you so much. Great engagement with attendees. Great content and importantly … you made SENSE!! Thank you!” – Leanne (pricing webinar)

What we offer:

  •  Free and paid training sessions (online and in person)
  • Resources – guides, fact sheets, checklists .
  • Implementation via small group coaching/training
  • Podcast coming soon!
  • Online school –

About our Founder and Lead Trainer Jane Tweedy

Jane is a lifelong learner with numerous qualifications, who applies her knowledge and years of experience. Jane loves seeing businesses grow to healthy new levels.

Jane has a passion for helping small business owners succeed with a background encompassing corporate, volunteering and small business experience. Jane’s corporate background covered investment analytics, people leadership, training, business management, sales and client service. Volunteering includes being a Board Director of a local Bendigo Community Bank company.

This vast experience is supported by an accumulation of theoretical knowledge with a Master of Applied Finance, Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, Certificate IV’s in Business and Personal Coaching, Small Business Management, and Training and Assessment. With Jane’s diverse background, she provides training, coaching and advice across many areas, and gains great satisfaction from helping small business owners succeed.

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Ladies with Tradies

If you are a lady with a Tradie, then our programs are for you……

We want to teach you the strategies to reduce regret in love, life and in business. How to work WITH your Tradie, not bang your head against a wall.

Heck, it could potentially save your marriage, but more importantly – your sanity!

As a “Tradies Wife”, I know all too well how hard it can be if you are not on the same page with your Tradie. If you don’t know what your role is, or where your business is taking you and your family, the lack of clarity and direction can break you.

Then there’s the cash flow issues, the lack of work, or too much work, not knowing how to keep track of your money matters. The overwhelm can be excruciating. Your choice and options become limited.

Your relationship at home suffers, and business can eat up every bit of time you have together, which in turn can change the level of love, respect and appreciation you have for each other. Things are not as they used to be.

Ladies with Tradies is going to help you navigate all of this, to give you direction and clarity, to give you more choices and options, and to increase the love, respect & appreciation you have for each other, so that in your last days, you are not lying there in your regrets of ‘what could have been’ if you just did things a little bit differently.

We do this through flexible options – online self directed learning, group online coaching, 1:1 coaching, seminars and retreats.

We would love to meet you – so let us know how we can help!

“It’s time to stop the Shit hitting the fan in love, life and business.”

Big love – Kate Muldoon – Founder

Kate Muldoon is a Tradie’s wife herself, she’s an author, coach, mentor, public speaker and columnist.

Contact us at: [email protected]
Call Kate on: 0409 565 729
Watch our content at: Ladies with Tradies Business Page
Join the conversation at: Yeah the Ladies!
Lifestyle Tradie Group Pty Ltd

Do you want to STOP the late nights staying up doing paperwork?

Are you frustrated at not earning more money based on the effort you put into your business?

Have you ever said ‘there must be a better way to run my trade business?’
Well there is.
Multi-award winning couple, Andy & Ange Smith from Lifestyle Tradie have helped thousands of trade business owners fast-track success through earning more money, gaining back time, and basically getting their life back through their live events and membership program.
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Electrician & Plumber Accelerator

Electrician & Plumber Accelerator is a coaching and training program designed for electrical & plumbing business owners looking for a proven sales and marketing system to attract those high profit, service, and maintenance jobs on-demand with predictability.
We provide the support, personal coaching, and tools they need to reach their sales goals whilst becoming more productive and efficient enabling a strong work/life balance.
Electricians & Plumbers who have been coached and mentored by us have gone on to build profitable high 6 figure and 7 figure electrical & plumbing businesses and dominate their local areas.
The program materials are available online via mobile and desktop with videos, worksheets & step by step actions for each of the modules.
Tradies in Business

Are you sick of the gut busting cycle of working in your business instead of on your business?

Warrick Bidwell and Nicole Cox (or Waz and Nic) have been working with trade business owners for more than 10 years… supporting them to implement the necessary steps to get ‘off the tools’ and into true business ownership.

More importantly, Waz and Nic both come from trade backgrounds themselves so they have real-world experience in the frustrations, challenges, opportunities and stuff-ups that are the reality of what life is like for #tradiesinbusiness!

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Onsomble thinks big on small.  We specialise in supporting businesses which have a small team. Our innovative business solutions give you the power of a big team, without the extra overheads. Our dynamic team of experts fill in the expertise gaps in your business, allowing you to stick to what you do best.   Imagine having a suite of experts on call to help you with every aspect of your business, and all as part of the one personalised package.  We start by discovering about your business, to understand your goals, your pain points and your gaps in resourcing and skillsets.  We then apply the resources you need, as you need them, guided by one of our senior, experienced leaders, who drives the team towards your goals.  Our team works with you to provide the support you need to get the job done well, on time and to your budget.  

With onsomble, you can choose off-the-shelf packages to help you get your strategy straight, to refine and define your processes for optimum efficiency, or to critically assess and evolve your revenue and growth.  Or, you can enter into a long-term partnership with us to get the ultimate support and outcomes.  We can customise a package to suit your exact needs and then apply the right resources to achieve your goals.  Scale up, scale down – we’re flexible, affordable and outcome focused.  We can help you achieve a better quality of life for you and your family.

Build your business, bring on your dream.  Our expert and hands-on business management services, with your trade know-how – perfect partners for success.




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At BLD|ACDMY we work with small and mid-sized businesses to help them make quick and measurable progress towards their business goals. You will see the results of our programs in your business as you complete them.

We know that small business owners don’t need any more content – instead it’s all about knowing what action you can take in your business to really make progress.

We will give you just the right amount of content and knowledge at the right time to help you take the next step.

Our Business Accelerator programs are all built around the topics that build the foundations of a better business. From sales, to business planning and understanding your finances, our programs are practical, easy to follow and action-based.

Each program contains 5 x 20-minute actions, that you can complete over 5 days. Our Accelerators are designed with the busy business owner in mind. Each step includes:

  • A concise background to the action
  • A short easy to digest video from our expert in the core area of the Accelerator program
  • A guided 20-minute action plan

Our customers have told us that they feel as if they are talking directly to the expert and that from the very first bite-sized action they can see measurable progress towards growing their business.

Whether you are looking to improve your sales, know your customer, hone your recruitment skills, arm yourself to be cyber security conscious or revamp your social media, BLD|ACDMY will have a program to suit your needs!

BLD|ACDMY programs will help you succeed by rounding out your passion and experience with the practical foundations of building a better business.

Bridging the gap between knowledge and action fuels us!

If you would like to learn more about our Business Accelerators contact Sarah at [email protected]


Act. Solve. Grow.