Apprenticeship Services

Master Builders Apprenticeship Service (MBAS)

Master Builders Apprenticeship Service (MBAS) provides apprentices and trainees to the building and construction industry under a group training organisation arrangement. This means that MBAS remain the employer of the apprentice or trainee and place them with businesses for as they as they are needed – 4 weeks to 4 years!

We manage all of the paperwork including Training Plan, payroll, workers compensation insurance and the management of any industry and insurance payments.

We provide a free Safety Service including a dedicated safety resource to assist you to meet the MBAS Minimum Safety Standard by providing templates and ongoing safety advice for the length of the placement, even if it isn’t related to the apprentice!

If you no longer need the apprentice, or need a different skillset, we move the apprentice on to their next learning opportunity.

To find out more, complete the online form and one of our Apprenticeship Field Officers will be in contact