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Bookkeep Consulting

Bookkeep Consulting

We help business owners who feel there is never quite enough money in the bank when they need it – and that it’s a scramble to find the finances to pay employees and bills on time.

They feel it’s a constant juggling act, and try and solve this by either not paying themselves or using their personal funds to cover costs.

They’re super busy on site – running around, checking on the guys and making sure the work gets done. They’ve got lots of work on – but where is all the money going? 

We help businesses currently stuck in this Negative Cash Flow Cycle. 

After working with us they have increased their wage by up to 80%, run ONLY profitable jobs – and don’t have to worry about money like they used to.

We work mainly with business owners struggling with cash flow and/or who are unsure what jobs are the most profitable, and which direction they should take the business for growth.

Many of our clients were in a situation where they could only take out a few $100’s here and there for personal expenses per week. They were working all day everyday with long hours, but still they weren’t seeing where the money was going.

We helped them reach their financial goals, by empowering them to know their numbers and build strong business foundations. 

We teach business owners lifetime skills to get, and keep their business on track financially, using our Trades Accelerator Program. 

This is a 6 week online coaching program, which can be completed any time using a combination of self study and financial coaching by our team (at a time that suits them).

This is what business owners learn:

  • How to form an accurate assessment of their business finances using cash flow planning – and diagnosing why their business has poor cash flow
  • Strategies to improve cash flow specifically for their business in the short and long term
  • What needs to be included in jobs costing and how to implement the right tech to ensure this is organised and efficient
  • How to read the data accumulated over the last few weeks to make the right business decisions for growth
  • How to create a profit plan working out exactly how your goals for the next 12 months will be achieved (down to how many jobs and at what price per week)
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