A Tradie Christmas Tale

A Tradie Christmas Tale

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’ isn’t that what they say?

Every year for us though, it doesn’t feel that way. Craig is always totally burnt out and usually has an array of work that needs completing before Christmas, it seems a distant memory that there are usually a couple of quiet months before this rush. Feast or famine in this industry sometimes!

Then you also need to make sure you get enough money behind you to take you through the Christmas break because even if you wanted to keep working through, majority of the suppliers all shut their doors well into the new year.

This afternoon we went to get our Christmas tree and as I was standing holding the gigantic thing while Craig went to get the car to load it on to, a tradie walked by and told me that he has almost forgotten that it was Christmas because he hadn’t even had the time to think about it! Is this sounding familiar? It’s nice to know that we are all in the same boat.

In this mad rush in the lead up to the big day, life becomes a bit of a blur – aside from that you are also contending with the Aussie summer heat  – 30-40 degree days don’t make things any easier! Then Christmas comes in the blink of an eye and if you’re lucky you might feel like you can finally take a breath.

So my question to you is…how do you survive the silly season? I’d love to hear if you’ve mastered any procedures that make this time of the year a little more relaxed?

  • Louise
    Posted at 09:49h, 07 December Reply

    Pest Controllers wife here…summer is our busy BUSY season, when all the pests come out! I do a lot of Christmas planning in November, pace everything out. Lists are my best friend and anyone who visits for the holiday gets a job!

  • Michelle
    Posted at 09:43h, 08 December Reply

    Painters wife here . . . I have learn’t to make sure we have enough, but not too much work in the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas to allow for any last minute jobs that need doing. Gives the boys a bit of an easing into Christmas rather than the usual mad rush to get everything done.

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 20:55h, 08 December Reply

    Property maintenance wife here – I do it all. From the kids Christmas presents, family’s presents, i do the cards, the gift bags, i do the tree and the dinners, i do the school concerts and the break up parties. I don’t think there really is anything that can make this time of year relaxed, there is always something/someone you forget. I try to get most of it done by mid December though – having the kids and doing shopping runs suck around Christmas. This year I’m basically thinking i will be buying my own present just because he waits to the night before or morning of and runs to the local IGA and i end up with half dead flowers and some soap…..

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